Just in time for the Fourth of July, one hundred Fiesta Online players have an exclusive opportunity for a free Liberty Mini House thanks to our partnership with publisher Outspark. Click through to get the details and the code!

Players must be logged in to an Outspark account to receive the free premium item. Folks without an account will have to register for free at https://register.outspark.com/


What players will win: A Liberty Mini House for Fiesta Online

Code: 4a4a66006e0d3

Where to redeem this code: http://www.outspark.com/redeem

Expiration Date of the code: July 15, 2009

Information about the item: While every mini house will recover a player’s health and spirit, only some houses are able to be used as vendors. The Liberty Mini House can be used as a vendor, meaning the owner can put up items for sale that other players can purchase when they visit.

Here’s a look at the Liberty Mini House:


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