Fill Out Surveys, Earn Cash and Win Videogames!


Dear Fans of The Escapist,

We have teamed up with leading research firm, VGMarket Surveys, to provide you with an opportunity to earn cash rewards and win videogames by voicing your opinions on different products and services. The best part is that everyone can participate, regardless of where you live! Here’s the program rundown:

  1. You can help The Escapist by filling out a VGMarket Surveys consumer profile. This will help us better understand your interests and allow us to bring you more great content that is relevant to you, as well as attract sponsors representing brands that you care about.
  2. Based on your profile, you may be invited to participate in surveys. You will get paid for each survey you take. Depending on where you live, you can also choose to take your earnings in the form of a Amazon or Dining Dough gift certificate. For each survey you complete, you will also get one entry into a monthly sweepstakes held by VGMarket Surveys for a videogame prize pack.
  3. VGMarket Surveys works with nearly all of the major videogame publishers. By filling out surveys, you may just influence the design and marketing of future games. You could even get invited to sneak peeks and play-testing of future game releases.
  4. Every month, VGMarket will sponsor a sweepstakes for participating members of The Escapist, giving you the opportunity to win games and other prizes, while still earning cash.
  5. Lastly, The Escapist and VGMarket Surveys value your privacy, and any personally identifiable information you submit will not be sold, rented, or leased without your consent. You are free to provide only the information that you are comfortable sharing. You can also opt out of the program at any time, and request to have your information deleted from the VGMarket Surveys database.

The more information you share, the more surveys and rewards you’ll be eligible for, and this research will help us know the types of products, services, and games that consumers like you would most like to see. Please click here for the FAQ about the program. You may review VGMarket’s privacy policy here.

Just for Signing Up

To start this off with a bang, all Escapist members that register between now and October 21st will be entered into a drawing to win a $500+ (USD) videogame prize pack. Also, just for signing up, you’ll get a free CD of game-related music downloads with a retail value of over $10 (within 48 hours of signing up)! Even if you never fill out a survey, you still get the music downloads for free.

Thank you for your time and help, and for being fans of The Escapist!

The Escapist Staff


Q: How does this work?
It is an easy way to earn cash and rewards just by voicing your opinion. Companies need your help to improve products and services, and in return you get paid for answering surveys. Simple as that. Our site is different than other survey sites; we value your time. Other survey sites only pay you for surveys you qualify for and complete. We pay you for each survey you participate in. Plus, we offer the best rewards anywhere. You can take your earnings as cash and our partner Payoneer will mail you a prepaid debit card, or use them to buy gift certificates at Amazon or exchange them for gift certificates to your favorite restaurants and have a night out on us!

Q: Can I get rich taking online surveys?
No, you won’t get rich. But, you can earn some great rewards and line your pockets with a little extra cash each month. Our goal is to provide you with as many surveys as we can qualify you for, but we also won’t lie to you; you’re not going to become a millionaire simply by taking online surveys! However, it’s possible to earn hundreds of dollars a week in rewards!

Q: How do I become eligible?
We send surveys out to our members based on certain profile demographics. When you register, you’ll see a series of several profiles on your dashboard. The more of these you answer completely and honestly the more relevant surveys we will qualify you for. That’s all you have to do! Once your profiles are complete, you should start receiving survey invitations in your inbox. Anyone 13 years of age or older can participate and earn rewards!

Q: Are there any costs?
We don’t charge anything. We pay you! We will never require our members to purchase any item or service through our website. Because you’re providing market research firms with your valuable opinion about their products, we make sure we give you cash rewards for your time!

Q: What is different about VGMarketSurveys?
VGMarketSurveys sends you plenty of fun, quick surveys! While survey opportunities will cover a variety of topics, VGMarketSurveys members get exclusive surveys from leading videogame companies offering you a sneak peek into the hottest titles and franchises in gaming. Sign up now to start receiving surveys!

Q: How does VGMarketSurveys get these fun gaming surveys?
VGMarketSurveys members get exclusive survey opportunities from VGMarket, a leader in videogame industry research. VGMarket is a market research firm specializing in the video game industry. Clients include top tier firms such as EA, 2k, Capcom, Ubisoft, Sony, Zynga and many more. If you’re a fan of videogames, join VGMarketSurveys now and get paid to take surveys!

Q: Are all of the reward options available to international members, as well as US members?
Rewards options are available as follows:

  • US – Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard, gift certificates and Dining Dough gift certificates are available.
  • Canada – Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard and gift certificates are available.
  • UK – Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard and gift certificates are available.
  • Other – All other international members are able to use the Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard.
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    Read Article Surviving Your First Hunt in <i>Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate</i>
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