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Fire Emblem Engage Story Trailer Teases an Evil Marth & New Characters

Fire Emblem Engage story trailer evil Marth with red hair

The latest Fire Emblem Engage trailer offers a better look into the story behind the latest entry in Nintendo’s long-running strategy RPG series, including a glimpse of an evil Marth of sorts with red hair. Particularly, the three-minute video focuses on new and returning faces as they grapple with new threats. There’s no gameplay to be found here, but it does serve as a cinematic introduction to many of the characters players will meet on their journey to collect the Emblem Rings and save Elyos.

As Alear, a Divine Dragon and the hero of Fire Emblem Engage, players will gather with Emblem heroes like Marth to battle the Fell Dragon. This great evil was once sealed away after suffering a defeat in a 1000-year-old war, but now that the seal has weakened, it’s back. Already it looks like evildoers will be able to use Emblem to their own benefit as well, with the new Fire Emblem trailer teasing that a red-haired Marth can be forced to do evil. Check out all of the bright-haired heroes and villains in the Fire Emblem Engage trailer below.

Fire Emblem Engage was announced this past September as the latest mainline entry in the franchise after the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in 2019. While the series typically focuses on new characters and stories, this game will see fan favorites like Marth and Celica making a return to help fight off a great evil. Fire Emblem Engage launches for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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