SDCC 2014

Firefly Online Reunites Cast, Gameplay Revealed


Gameplay trailer asks, “What kind of captain would you be?” Original cast is returning for voice work.

“Find a crew, find a job and keep flying.” That the mission players are tasked with when they become captains of their own ships in Firefly Online, an online strategic RPG. The game has had some trouble getting going, when the concept of an online Firefly started with Fox, but was dropped, then picked up by fans as an unofficial game, who then disappeared. It popped up again at SDCC last year and somehow, it actually seems to have made progress.

At SDCC this year, Browncoats were treated to some shiny details about the upcoming game. Now the game has more than just the approval from Fox. The entire original cast is returning to reprise their roles in the game. Alan Tudyk, who played Wash, will be taking on multiple roles and the voice of Adelei Niska, Michael Fairman, is returning as well.

The gameplay trailer released this week also includes at least one voice, Ron Glass, who played Shepherd Book. The voice at the end may or may not be Nathan Fillion, it’s kind of hard to be sure.

The trailer showcases the customizable ship, both inside and out, and the ability to travel across the Verse. Players can create their own captains and explore different worlds and there is a brief glimpse of combat. The game definitely calls out for fans of the series, as graphics certainly won’t be a selling point for the game once it launches on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

To get updates or “register”, fans are directed to the site for the game, but it appears to be down. If I had to guess, I would imagine their servers might be a little overwhelmed. People love Firefly. I don’t get it, the show was cancelled after eleven episodes, it couldn’t have been that good.

Sources: Youtube, io9


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