Super Mega Baseball 2 is making some pretty big changes from the original, as this first gameplay trailer shows.

At first glance, Super Mega Baseball looked like a cartoony baseball game for kids, but it was surprisingly deep and enjoyable. In fact, it was one of the better sports games released in 2014. Because of that, very few people were surprised when Metalhead Software announced in September that it was working on a sequel to the game. Now, we’ve got a chance to watch the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming title.

Super Mega Baseball 2 looks very different than its predecessor. In the video above, you can see that player proportions look more natural, and the graphics have gotten a significant upgrade from the original. There are also plans to include far more functionality.

Metalhead has already announced that the interface has been completely overhauled. It also plans to add customization options for your player, your team, and your league, with options to design uniforms, logos, and more. Best of all, the game will support online co-op and competitive multiplayer, in addition to the couch co-op from the original.

There’s still no firm release date for Super Mega Baseball 2, but it’s targeted to “mid-2017” for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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