For Great Justice!

Last week, The Escapist discussed one of the darker spots of gaming – addiction. We discussed what happens, why it happens and even a little about how to cope. And spurred by that issue, I thought about the reasons gamers might be susceptible to addiction, beyond those discussed. I came up with another we had not discussed: Gamers are a passionate bunch.

Before you disagree, hear me out. Yes, they are often somewhat cynical, but they carry their cynicism to an extreme. And have you seen a flame war on a message board? When they don’t like someone or something, gamers show it in such poetic language as to make Hallmark card writers green with envy. Of course, this passion shows itself in many of our abilities to become swept up in a game, losing track of time and “Earthly needs.”

But this passion is not all bad. In fact, many people have improved the lives of others or felt the positive outreach of gamer passion. This week’s issue, “For Great Justice!” focuses on this positive passion, both in game and out. Shannon Drake talks with the guys over at Penny Arcade about Child’s Play, the charity they started to help bring a little joy to sick children. Shawn Williams tells of gamers who stood by his side, literally and financially, when his family was rocked by a frightening diagnosis. And Spanner discusses what it means “To Be a Hero” and the appeal of games where we can do just that. Find these articles and more in this week’s issue of The Escapist.


-Julianne Greer

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