The Minecraft clone is the first Xbox Live indie game to attain seven-digit sales, and more content is yet to come.

Markus Persson’s block-building indie hit recently topped the three million units sold mark, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for imitators to succeed as well.

FortressCraft, which was developed by Projector Games and released on April 8, recently reached one million dollars ($1,202,469 if you like specifics) in sales across over 400,000 individual purchases. A majority of sales – over 250,000 – were from U.S. buyers. England and Canada trailed closely behind.

The sandbox building game also boasts an impressive 84% conversion rate, meaning most people who download the demo then go on to purchase the full game.

“The Xbox community has taken notice of this gem of a game, and the conversion numbers prove just that,” said Vira Gunn, media manager for projector games. “Just because we’ve hit this milestone does not mean we’re going to kick up our heels and be content.”

The next update will include customizable blocks and server rankings, among other features.

FortressCraft better soak up the sales while it stands unopposed. Notch’s Minecraft is on the way to the Xbox 360, and I’ve heard his game is eerily similar.

Source: FortressCraft, via Kotaku

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