This feature article was written by long time veteran pvp Guildleader Obidiah Khan of Lords of Death.

As a MMOG PVP veteran of 6+years, Obi has some unique insights into the nature of pvp and what makes a good game tick. He shares some of that in this feature article.

On to the article



Forums, Boardwarriors, and True Credibility by Kill Stats
By Obidiah Khan

This is written with the hopes that the future Darkfall forums will take some of this into consideration.

I can’t stand it anymore. I just came from reading Some of the Shadowbane Vengence Political Forum and I just about wanna punch myself in the face for doing it. What a complete waste of peoples time… self proclaiming themselves and insulting others. After reading a couple Post titles even, you can see how pathetic it is… all over the simple on-going question. Who is the best?

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