Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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I think everyone should vote in that background contest, I really like the kitties and the SPACE! :D


@Randm: If you don't calm down a bit, the killer will have a bit less work to do...

I like the blue gradient, it's nice and easy on the eyes.

Hey, what's with three pages of text while I'm at school?! Damn you timezones!

Anyway, I forgot to ask important questions.

1. If someone is revived via priest or medic, can they give away info? (e.g. the Spy dies without telling anyone, is revived and then tells everyone (or some people))

2. Are we able to both tell our roles and ask people about their roles. Yes, I know people might lie and I know releasing your role may be stupid (if you're the medic for example, or the killer XD) but can people do it?

3. What's the average time we have to reply or post a death note or whatever? Sometimes I may not be able to get straight to a internet hooked computer.

That's all for know folks!


I now, I did it again!


1. Only the priest is able to revive another player, and that revival comes at the cost of the life of the priest. If a player is revived, they are allowed to play the game as they normally would. For instance, if a spy is brought back to life, they are free to release any info they have to the general public even if they were unable to before their death or ask additional questions if enough time has elapsed since their last question.

However, when another player is revived by the priest, everyone in the game is informed if that player had a role. This includes the killer. If they wish to accomplish anything with their second chance, they would be well advised to do it with haste.

2. A player may reveal their role in any manner they see fit. However, there is a degree of danger that comes with that reveal. A player may also claim to have a role that they do not really have. However, dishonesty is not a good way to make allies.

3. I'm going to try and paste a two day time limit to everything. Two days for the killer and medic to make a choice, two days for people to get their votes in, two days for a death to be written. Hopefully that will be enough time for everyone to get their affairs in order while making sure the game isn't bogged down in wait times.

Hope that helps. :P

So wait... a medic just saves people? Like, he has to say "I SAVE YOU!" in the same turn as the killer kills said person? So they can't revive anyone like, a round or two down the track?


@Rimmy: Yep, that's the gist of it. The medic picks a list of people to save for that cycle. If the killer ends up picking someone on that list, then that kill is blocked and the killer is forced to choose again. If the killer then picks someone else on the list, then the medic is unable to save them. The medic is also unable to save the same person two rounds in a row. And of course, the medic is unable to protect themselves from the knife in the dark. :P

There are more details about each of the roles in the opening post. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. ^_^

@Malyc: I can't help but wonder if a butt crack is the best place to snipe from.






@Rimmy: it's only bad if it's a Fat Male :D

@Malyc: I keep wondering if it could be some kind of sort of mass- I mean >_>.

@Smartass avatar comments: Bwuh? As long as she don't move, its PERFECT!!!

The time zones are screwing with me like h.
And it looks like it's time for me to get to know you guys, so I'll start:

From a small apartment overlooking the rest of the city, the jittery man lazily stands alone in the dark and gazes eerily out the window. The ice clinks and crackles in his glass as he takes a sip of his beverage. For him, everything in this moment is perfect. A smile lazily spreads over his face.

"Soon the deaths will begin again...soon..."

Beware, for the killer is prepared to strike. Check your inboxes.

*checks self*

It appears I am still alive! Now I can take my test without worrying about being dead :P


Not dead

I'm still as healthy as a horse.

*notices bloated horse carcass in a ravine*


Okay, not that horse...

I am alive! I am alive! For now, at least... I'd thank you to keep it that way, though.

Yay, not murdered first!

CAPTCHA: she sells seashells
...are you trying to taunt me with your riddles Captcha?

I LIVE. Apparently, since I haven't received any messages.


@Link: Indeed... On that note...

*polishes seal clubbing club and dance floor*

@Murder I almost did something in fear when I saw I had a single message.
Luckily, it was just another RP calling.

I'm alive! :D

*stumbles into room with arrow stuck through head*




@Redlin: Close call there, out on the frontier?

I'm sending this message from beyond the grave!

If you recieve this, then I am dead and I am going to haunt you!

Jokes, jokes. I'm still breathing, killing, reviving, double voting, entwining, bringing back from the deading, erm..., spying, arbiting and being completely normal.

@Malyc: Nah, just those damned kids again.

I'm watching you...

@Rimmy: You... shouldn't take credit for all the roles... It makes the squirrels nervous...

A New Role Approaches:

The Wild Card: This wily individual is most certainly a jack of all trades...but not at the same time. Fate decides what role the wild card is most suited for at that moment. Every cycle, the GM will roll 1d6 to determine the current powers of the role.

1-Normal Citizen. You are feeling lazy today.
2-Spy. Ask a question. Vigilante detective work is the legit, right?
3-Medic. There are people to be saved...hopefully there's a Good Samaritan clause in place for amateurs.
5-Priest. Maybe sleeping through Sunday School wasn't the best idea.
6-Celebrity. Time to get your 15 minutes of fame and all the booze and drugs your body could ever hope to process.

This role is terrible and would never work. >.>

@Link: Can't tell if serious or...

@Malyc Read the fine print. There's always one.

@Hobo: Just cause he says it would never work doesn't mean he isn't thinking about putting it in there... We're crazy enough to try just about anything 'round here.

@Link: Do it!!

It could never ever, ever, ever fail.


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