Free Radical’s Rob Yescombe balked at IGN’s harsh review of the studio’s latest product, Haze, in succinct terms: “MEGAowch.”

The PlayStation 3 exclusive first-person shooter, which centers on the experience of a soldier whose army takes drugs, or “Nectar,” to fuel their combat skills, was slammed with a 4.5/10 rating by IGN. The review panned the game as suffering from “a bland story” and “tons of visual issues,” as well as overall unoriginality.

In stark contrast, the game received a 9/10 from Italian PSM and 34/40 from Famitsu.

The PlayStation Universe website, which sought out Yescombe’s comment on the IGN score, also declared itself surprised, “because back in March, PSU was given hands on with a near final build of the game and we thought the title looked fairly good. The graphics in particular looked crisp and the framerate was smooth.”

Most PSU members in the comments section have cried foul, accusing IGN of anti-Sony bias.

For his part, Yescombe said gamers will make their own judgments and that Goldeneye also received some negative reviews when released.

Haze was released in the U.S. today and will arrive in Europe on Friday.


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