Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid TSR Volume 2

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid TSR Volume 2


Warning this may contain spoilers for the previous volume! If you haven’t read the Full Metal Panic Volume One review click here, it’ll give you a better idea of what’s going on and who’s who.

imageMithril is a a group of elite soldiers who pilot mechs. They are often seen as the peacekeepers of the world, hired to handle terrorist actions, and other violent political situations. However, a strange group called Amaigam has appeared, giving Mithril cause to worry. Not only do they possess the same technology as Mithril, but they have the ability to use advanced techniques that not even Sousuke, a top pilot, can master.

The missions keep pouring in for Mithril, but things turn especially deadly when a traitor is revealed among their operatives. Lives are lost, and only with the captain’s quick thinking were any of the pilot able to survive. To make things worse, Sousuke begins having more and more trouble balancing protecting Kanamei and his regular missions. Mithril intelligence thinks it’s time to help Sousuke to lighten his load, and the Captain has no choice but to agree. However, orders meant to make Sousuke a better solder devastate him instead, and throw him into turmoil. Can he really just walk away from Kanamei?

imageThis series is much more serious then the previous two incarnations and the characters have really started to grow up. Personally, I love what they’re doing with the story, it’s in depth, it’s complicated, it’s intriguing, and they still keep some of the fun silly aspects around as well. It hasn’t lost its fun, they just added some depth.

The animation was still excellent in this volume. I really am impressed with how they animate the mechs. It’s not cheesy 3D, its all smooth, unique and fluid. The sound was also still good, no random voice acting changes or anything silly like that. This series is really showing off the voice actors’ ability to portray different emotions as the story switches between happy and dramatic scenes quite often.

Once again, I loved the extras. There’s just something about the commentary and location scouting that you can’t help but love it. The group is so silly and fun, and it’s almost like watching some kind of weird buddy comedy located in Hong Kong.

I’m sticking with this one for the entire series, I’m excited to see what happens to the characters, to figure out just what the strange group Amaigam is all about, and to see what happens between Sousuke and Kanamei. Full Metal Panic continues to grow into a well-rounded and excellent series in this volume.

Entertainment: 8
I’m starting to get swept away by the story and the characters.

Technical: 9
I absolutely love the extras!

Overall: 8.5

DVD Features: Episodes 5-7, English, Japanese with English Subtitles

DVD Extras: Audio Commentary Ep 5-7, Location Scouting in Hong Kong Part II, Location Scouting in Hong Kong Part III, Textless Songs, Trailers

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