Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid TSR Volume 3

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid TSR Volume 3


Warning, this may contain spoilers for the previous volumes! If you haven’t read the reviews for volume one and volume two, you should probably do so. It’ll give you a better idea of what’s happening and who’s who.

Mithril has their hands full when massive damage caused by mechs starts in Hong Kong and their top pilot Sousuke can’t seem to keep his head in the game. Kanamei is having just as much trouble as a new danger starts to stalk her.

imageKanamei is devastated when she discovers that Sousuke is really gone. She didn’t even get a good bye. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t have this horrible feeling that’s something bad was going to happen, like she was in danger, being followed, and watched all the time. She knows that by staying put she’s just a sitting duck, so she devises a plan to get some answers. It’s a dangerous gamble but she’ll go mad just waiting around. Meanwhile Amaigam, Mithril’s enemy, is causing massive damage to Hong Kong and Sousuke, along with some familiar faces, is assigned to deal with the problem. However, Sousuke is just as bad off as Kanamei, and his inability to concentrate on his mission proves dangerous.

The story just keeps getting better and better. I love how they tie together the different plot lines and split the show between them. I love how they’re expanding Sousuke’s character beyond just being a diligent soldier, and showing that Kanamei is more then a helpless hotheaded high school student. Even the minor characters seem to be growing and changing as the series progresses.

imageThis volume was less mech combat intensive then the previous two, but in its place, there was a whole different type of combat. Good old fashioned hand to hand fights with weapons were animated, and they were just as good as the mech fights. I particularly liked how the animators showed the difference between skilled fighters like the sisters compared to an every day person like Kanamei. The sisters were graceful, fast, and deadly. Kanamei on the other hand was kind of clumsy, unsure. She couldn’t leap from building to building, she couldn’t cushion her fall by rolling, she simply didn’t know how to, and they animated that expertly.

The voice acting is just as good as the previous volumes. This volume particularly shows off the voice actor for Kanamei as it heavily centers that character in this part of the plot. The extras are just as funny as before, as well. I don’t think I’ll ever get my fill of the silly little Japanese men and their random commentary.

I can’t wait for the next volume to come out. I want to see what Sousuke plans on doing in Hong Kong and if he ever finally breaks down and contacts Kanamei. I also want to know more about Mithril’s new enemy, and finally get some answers. This series has me on the edge of my seat; it’s intelligent, hilarious, and compelling.

Entertainment: 10
Next volume please!

Technical: 9
Awesome extras as always.

Overall: 9.5

DVD Features: Episodes 8-10, English, Japanese with English Subtitles

DVD Extras: Audio Commentaries Ep. 8-10, Location Scouting in Hong Kong Part IV, Location Scouting in Hong Kong Part V, Textless Songs, Trailers

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