Gabriel Knight Scribe Lets You See the Past


Jane Jensen’s point-and-click paranormal thriller has a confirmed release date and a trailer.

When last we saw Cognition – created by Jane Jensen of Gabriel Knight fame – it was in the throes of a Kickstarter campaign. Those hardscrabble days have passed, and now the game has a publisher – Phoenix Online Studios – a Fall release date, and a gameplay trailer for its first episode: The Hangman.

You play as Erica Reed, an FBI agent with an unusual quirk. She has post-cognitive abilities, and though she claims not to like “the spooky crap” her ability to see past events will help her hunt down the serial killer that murdered her brother. This point-and-click is two parts investigation to one part horror, particularly since the killer seems to have paranormal abilities of their own. “When she comes across a crime scene that has clues that were left specifically for someone with her abilities,” says the promotional blurb, “a new hunt is on. Who knows her secret? How? And what do they want from her?”

Jensen is an industry veteran but some of you may know the artist’s work; Romano Molenaar has, among his many credits, worked on Detective Comics Annual #1, due out August 29th. For those of you interested in knowing more about Cognition, and who happen by chance to be going to PAX Prime, there will be a demo at the Reverb booth, #3340.

Source: Joystiq, Phoenix Online

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