Galaxies Players Headed Towards Dark Side With Lawsuit


A bunch of Star Wars: Galaxies players want to sue Sony Online for planning to shut the game down. Honestly, who didn’t see this coming?

The news that Sony Online is planning to shut down Star Wars: Galaxies wasn’t exactly surprising, but it hasn’t gone over well with the game’s community, either. In fact, some players are so upset that there’s apparently going to be a class-action lawsuit filed by at least fifty players against the game’s publisher.

VentureBeat has revealed that a number of players have contacted the site and stated that they plan to file a class-action lawsuit against the company for shutting the game down. The lawsuit alleges that SOE has been locking forum petitions again’st the game shutdown and banning players for trying to spread the petitions. This is because:

The company has said that promoting an online petition “causes disruption within the community” and does not provide gameplay-related feedback that its development team can use. One player said that SOE pegged him as a “ring leader” in the protests and threatened to permanently ban him from its games and file criminal charges against him for trying to cause “unlawful harm to the company.” That last charge is a pretty bold one by anyone’s standards.

As VentureBeat has explained, SOE is completely within its rights to a) shut down the game, b) lock down any forum thread and c) ban any player it damn well feels like when they’ve violated any term of its end-user license agreement.

Source: VentureBeat via GamePolitics

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