Residents of New York and Los Angeles can eat like medieval royalty thanks to HBO.

Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin’s first book in the epic A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy saga, is coming to HBO on April 17 (watch the impressive trailer here), and the network is promoting its television adaptation in a very tasty way. HBO contracted a top chef to build a menu for a fleet of Game of Thrones food trucks that are hitting the streets for two weeks to give fans a taste of the show’s world.

I wasn’t kidding about the top chef thing. Tom Colicchio of cooking competition show Top Chef says he created dishes that fit with the series’ 5 different regions. For example, The Wall region is extremely cold, but bordered by the sea, so Colicchio created a Blackfish Stew. The Riverlands is more like your average fantasy forest, so Colicchio put together a Squab and Sweet Corn Fritter duo.

Colicchio said that if he could, he’d have served a spit-roasted whole goat, but that was too challenging to serve out of a food cart. Other dishes include rabbit, headcheese, and lemon cakes, which you can make at home with the recipe found here.

The best part is that the Game of Thrones food carts will be giving away their treats for free. From March 28-April 1, the carts will be in New York City. From April 4-8, they’ll be in Los Angeles. Servings are limited to the first 300 guests, so start camping out now.

Source: HBO

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