Gamers Looking For Love Should Marry Gamers


The Escapist‘s own Editor-in-Chief Russ Pitts explains why if you’re a gamer looking for someone to love, you’re best off finding someone who loves games.

Ah, romance. Few things drive people more than the idea of love – how many songs, books, plays and more have been written about (or for) this very human need? But for a young single gamer, it can often be hard to find the right person who understands our hobby of choice. In Issue 214 of The Escapist, Russ Pitts, our own Editor-in-Chief, writes about his love for gaming may have interfered with his search for romance:

Speaking of experiences of which I am not proud, I have to also admit here that I once passed up sex to play Fallout. This was some time before the turn of the century. I had literally dragged myself away from the game to follow through on a planned date with a relatively new romantic interest. We spent a pretty decent evening getting to know each other, after which she invited me to stay over at her place. I don’t recall whether or not I was tempted by the offer because all I could think about was the epiphany I’d had over dinner about the game, and being pretty sure I now knew where to find the water chip. This relationship did not last long.

Of course, despite looking for love in arguably the wrong places, this story has a happy ending. In the end, Russ Pitts learns that a gamer looking for love may well be best off finding someone they can not just cooperate with, but with whom they can play co-op with: The Player Two to their Player One, so to speak.

Read the full story in “Sex and the Single Player” by Russ Pitts, in Issue 214 of The Escapist.

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