GDC Blog Report #1: Schmoozin’ with Disney


It’s a small world after all…
It’s a small world after all…
It’s a small world after all…
It’s a small, small world!

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That’s now stuck in your head for the rest of the day. But it’s all part of the Disney magic, isn’t it?

Disney. The name evokes so many reactions in nearly every human on the planet. Mickey Mouse. Disneyland. Princesses. Walt. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t in one way or another been touched by the dream of a single man, Walt Disney. As a result, last night’s DIMG event held at the Walt Disney Family Museum at the Presidio let those of us in the media know in no uncertain terms, that corporate, digital Disney knows from whence it came and aims to honor its founder.

The Walt Disney Family Museum opened in October 2009. The museum was built at the behest of Napa Valley resident and oldest daughter Diane Disney. The goal of the museum is for people, particularly younger generations, to see Disney as a man, a father, as a part of a family in addition to his genius as an entertainer and his legendary status.

The museum follows Disney’s life from childhood through his death. The path is filled with incredible memorabilia including Disney’s high school cartoons. You could spend days here watching the Disney family’s home movies, reading the notes and telegrams, and marveling at the one-of-a-kind drawings and items. In short, it’s the most comprehensive look at the man behind the legend ever assembled and, in typical Disney-corporate fashion, it’s perfectly laid out, wonderfully interactive and lots of fun for all ages.

DIMG has its fingers in many virtual online pots: Pixie Hollow, World of Cars, Club Penguin, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and Toontown Online. To me, the extrapolation for the Disney Interactive Media Group folks having their mixer here is obvious: We know where we came from. We know who gave us our roots. We will honor the man with the things we create.

As Tigger said in Winnie the Pooh: TTFN…or at least until tomorrow.

Find out more about the Walt Disney Family Museum.

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