Editor's Note

Generation G


Some of our faithful readers may notice a slight change in our issue schedule this week. We have moved “The Home Invasion,” originally scheduled for this week, to next week. In its place, we have “Generation G,” an issue focusing on how different generations of gamers are affecting each other’s gaming experiences.

In the United States, we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to be with family and friends, and we felt “Generation G” was a good match for the holiday. Indeed, many people’s early gaming memories involve their families during holidays.

In addition to the issue change, we’re also changing our semi-weekly publish schedule this week to allow our staff to spend the holiday with their families and friends. We will be publishing all of our content on Tuesday this week, including the Meet the Team feature we normally publish on Friday.

Next week we will be back to our normal, twice per week schedule, but for now, check out what we have for you: Allen Varney returns to tell of some gamer friends of his who are finding games to be useful parenting tools. Newcomer Glenn Jarrell shares the difficulties of being a 41-year-old gamer. Spanner discusses his own experiences with the generation gap between himself and his niece, Alex. Enjoy these articles and more in this week’s The Escapist.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving,

-Julianne Greer

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