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In response to “Cold Equations” from The Escapist Forum: I think the biggest problem is people not realizing how much work it actually is to make most games. If you want to make money as an indie you’re pretty much going to have to choose a very small, no resources needed type of game.

– greggman

In response to “The Short, Happy Life of Infocom” from The Escapist Forum: I love hearing the labors of love that go into producing the games that spark my imagination.

– Tom

In Response to “Raph Koster on Fire” from the Escapist Forum: I have been waiting a long time to hear what Raph had to say on the “frankenstein’s monster” that SWG has become. I always felt that considering the stance he takes in many of the blogs/texts I have read of his that he is constantly striving to create the unusual, the testing, the intriguing.

SWG should have been the Star Wars playground that all us 30+ gamers wanted it to be. I look at my friends list of ex SWG players; lawyers, government workers, company directors, software designers. We were all grown-ups playing at being kids again, and gladly paying our subs to do so. We were the players who, as Raph describes, had the rug pulled out from under us.

Raph, if you’re reading this, thanks for speaking up on your feelings about SWG and how it’s been handled.

– F_A_F

In Response to “Raph Koster on Fire” from the Escapist Forum: I’ve played both games, UO and SWG, and now I know why they went down the drain after he left. I loved both those games and truly miss them.

Ralph, if you read these replies, thank you for telling how games have been handled. I hope that future developers/designers read it as well and learn to not jack with something so drastically if it’s not broke.

– Relluc

In Response to “E3 is Dead” from The Escapist News Room: As someone that has been to E3, my nose and ears are rejoicing.

– binkplayboy

In response to “Dear Hype: E3 No Longer Wants You” from The Escapist lounge: I like coffee houses versus night clubs anyway. That is, if the ESA is downsizing E3. E3 has become a big, bloated show where the music is too loud, it’s stuffy, and the hot women won’t talk to me. Gimme a cafe latte, a scone, and an artsy college chick any day of the week.

– Spirit-of

In response to Episode One of Escape Radio, The Escapist Podcast: Welcome back, guys. It’s about damn time.

– Demiurge

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