Ack! What race do I want my character to be? What quests do I get started on? What is a mission? And where do I get a new sword? Hopefully, all your questions will be answered here with regularly posted player guides.

In Volume Two you can find suggested techniques for getting used to the game, leveling your character, and gaining a bit of prestige during the levels of 1 through 5.

Welcome to Vana’diel! It might have taken much time and effort to face down the horror that is PlayOnline, but the challenge is truly just beginning. Play around with your handles – your final concern – and you’re finally in!

You’ll watch a short opening movie describing the history of your hometown. Enjoy the breathtaking views – before long you’ll be running back and forth from one town gate to another. At the end of the scene, your character will be tastefully introduced. You’ll interact with an NPC as soon as the scene ends. This NPC is valuable for two reasons right now. He’ll show you the locations of some important shops – weapons, magic, and items depending on your hometown – and also give you a special voucher if you say that you’re interested in shopping.

You may be tempted to check out your town, but don’t. It’s a waste of time at the moment. Find the NPC with two initials behind his name – for example, T.K. (Temple Knight) and ask him to cast Signet on you. Then, turn right back around and head outside, into the wilderness. That’s right, you guessed it – it’s time for the staple of the role-playing game, combat.

Select the first enemy that comes within your line of sight. Don’t go any farther. It’s time for you to get the basics of combat well under control. Unsheathe your melee weapon, whether it be sword, staff, or dagger, and run into combat with a battle cry!

From this point on, continue killing the baddies that get in your line of sight. Don’t stray too far from the entrance to the town. It’s vital that you learn the basics of running away, and just as important that you don’t take on any enemies stronger than yourself. Consider – identify – each enemy before you attack it. You’ll probably get one of these two outputs:

The [monster] looks like a decent challenge.
The [monster] looks like an even match.

You might even get:

The [monster] looks tough.

In addition, you’ll also see whether the monster’s defense and evasion are high or low compared to your skills. Make sure that you realize that the word “challenge” is deceptive in the first output. Focus on the “decent” and “even”. You will be able to take on several “decent challenges” before having to rest for your life. Unfortunately, though, you’ll only barely be able to take on two “even matches” in a row. If you see a monster that is considered tough, you’re probably out of your league. Backtrack and use the map to get closer to the entrance to your hometown.

After each battle, make sure you take the time necessary to heal. You’ll get worn down much too quickly if you jump in headfirst here.

Also, get used to your main skill – the one called your “two-hour skill” that can be found under your Job Abilities list. The first item on the list is your two-hour skill. Check the main Job links on the main Warcry site for more information. These skills are extremely powerful that will more often than not turn the tide in battles that you must win. The downside is apparent in their name, however: the skill may be used only once every two hours, and each lasts for just a matter of seconds – half a minute, to be exact.

As you adventure, pay close attention to the “zones” of enemies. The further you journey away from your hometown, the more difficult the enemies will become. Using markers on your map is highly suggested to keep track of which enemies are where.

Each time you die (trust me, it’ll happen), use your “free ride” to your hometown to visit stores and shops. Open your map and find the closest weapon and armor smiths. Run in that direction, talking to all sorts of NPC’s on the way. You’ll receive quests from some of them. They’ll come in handy later. When you arrive at a store, sell all of your crystals (not necessary now), and the other extra items you have on your hands that no NPC’s seem to want. Buy an improved weapon (one that you can afford) and start looking into bronze armor if you’re a melee type. If you’re a mage, check out the spell selection in nearby magic shops.

Believe it or not, but that’s all there is to levels 1 through 5. By the time you’ve completed a set of bronze armor or have beefed up your spell selection, you’ll be 5.

Congratulations! It only gets harder from here!

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