Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Heads to LEGO CUUSOO

stay puft 1

LEGO CUUSOO veteran Brian Waller hopes to turn Ghostbuster‘s iconic marshmallow monster into a plastic collectible that everyone can enjoy.

Finding success at LEGO’s CUUSOO site isn’t the easiest of feats. Just ask any of the countless hopefuls who have submitted their projects to the site, hoping to accumulate the 10,000 supporters needed to earn a review from LEGO itself and a chance to see their model transformed into a chance to have their work transformed into an official model sharing shelf space with other retail sets. It’s a distinction that only a handful of people have earned, a fact that apparently isn’t dissuading Brent Waller from giving it a second go.

The man behind the successful LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set, Waller has recently submitted a new model to CUUSOO that would continue with the theme of Ghostbusters and transform the film’s iconic Stay Puft marshmallow man into a 13 inch tall model with articulated limbs.

According to Waller, his Stay Puft model involved around 60 hours worth of design and build time and currently includes around 1,800 separate pieces. It’s a number that he says could be “reduced fairly easy” if he had access to a wider a selection of LEGO bricks. The model would also feature mini-figures for the characters Walter Peck, Gatekeeper (Dana Barret) and Keymaster (Louis Tulley).

All of this becoming something fans can buy, of course, hinges on Waller’s Stay Puft project repeating his earlier CUUSOO success. That being the case, his new set has already accumulated more than 1,100 supporters. Even so, we’re curious as to what you think? Does Waller’s latest work like it possesses the winning spirit? Or does it have a ghost of a chance of success?


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