You know how injecting a bit of Portal into your videogame can make it better? Well, it seems to work just fine for marriage proposals, too.

Gary Hudston commissioned talented map maker Douglas “TopHATTwaffle” Hoogland to create a sequence of Portal 2 puzzles ending in a glorious marriage proposal. He, along with Rachel “Miss Stabby” van der Meer, created the “Gary Hudston Project,” which you can see in its entirety in the video above.

Spoilers: She said yes.

Hudston initially put up a want ad on June 19 on for a secret Portal 2 project. Hoogland applied for the position a month later, unsure about what it could be. After receiving all the details, he finished the project in under a month.

The levels culminate with a makeshift church, and through the voice of everyone’s favorite megalomaniac GLaDOS, Gary proposed to his fiancé Stephanie. Yes, voice actress Ellen McLain did read the script herself.

Don’t worry. Your whole “ring in the wine glass” thing is still creative and sweet.

Source: Reddit via RockPaperShotgun

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