Homicidal AI construct GLaDOS may be in a fleshier, more human body than she normally is, but she can still carry a tune.

*SPOILER ALERT: This news post contains SPOILERS for the ending of Portal 2!*

When all was said, at the end of Portal 2, beloved antagonist GLaDOS and protagonist Chell reached a truce, if not quite an understanding. The AI had spent so much time in the game (and the previous one) trying to kill her that by this point, she was just fed up with it. So, she said: Get out. Leave, vamoose, make like a tree – and she punctuated it with a song.

The video you see here to the right is Ellen McLain – whose voice is best known to gamers as that of GLaDOS herself – and her husband performing at Anime Midwest 2011. McLain sings “Want You Gone,” the ending song to Portal 2, and is accompanied by her husband on the banjo.

I’m going to be honest here. It doesn’t sound quite right to hear her voice without the artificial computer tint to it, but this is still a really cute performance and it’s fun to hear GLaDOS’ voice coming out of a real live human.

And is it just me, or is her husband eerily reminiscent of Cave Johnson?

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