Toshiba is unveiling a brand new 3D television next week that will do away with the necessity to wear special glasses.

One of the biggest sticking points for the future of 3D gaming, on consoles anyway, is the requirement that glasses be worn to see the 3D effect. Whether consumers feel the glasses are uncomfortable or just plain nerdy, they seem to have come to a general consensus that it’d be annoying to wear them. Thanks to Toshiba, these glasses may soon become unnecessary.

Toshiba is set to reveal a glasses-free 3D television line on Monday which will do away with eyewear but still allow viewers to get their 3D on. The exact details of Toshiba’s technology are not yet known, but it’s assumed that it’ll use a filtering method previously displayed by other companies.

The glasses-free filtering method had been thought unrealistic for widespread use in television sets due to the fact that it usually forced viewers to sit in one particular spot. Similar to the way the Nintendo 3DS works, a glasses-free 3D screen can provide an effect for viewers by sending a signal to each eye at a particular distance. This works for the 3DS because users are known to be only a particular range of distances from the handheld. The same is not true for television viewers, whom could be anywhere from one foot to thirty meters away.

Toshiba may be incorporating the use of a filtering technology similar to one shown off in Germany this year that increases the number of spots a viewer can be in to 64. This number is assumed to refer to various angles and distances.

It was reported earlier this year by Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun that Toshiba would be putting glasses-free 3D televisions on the market by the end of 2010, including one with a 21-inch screen that would cost a few thousand dollars. The truth of this report may be revealed on Monday.

Source: PC World

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