GOG Galaxy “Optional Client” Announced


GOG Galaxy will allow players to automatically update their games, organize multiplayer matches and play with gamers using competing clients.

Following substantial new announcements about The Witcher 3, CD Projekt RED and GOG use their Summer Conference live stream to unveil its new “optional client” GOG Galaxy.

According to GOG, Galaxy will be give players “unparalleled freedom” to partake in multiplayer gaming “while enjoying single-player anytime they please without needing an internet connection.” The company has also stated that Galaxy is being designed as a “platform-agnostic online solution” that will allow gamers to play with each other regardless of what client their games are running from.
Sadly, this feature will only be compatible with Steam. That said, the online games seller has affirmed that it will be adding other platforms in the future.

Galaxy will also add automatic updates for GOG games, a long requested feature among its customer base. That being the case, GOG was intent on assuring gamers that Galaxy will not be a necessity going forward. “You don’t have to use the GOG client,” said GOG vice president Guillaume Rambourg. Players interested in just using their GOG library as it currently exists on the store’s website will be free to do so.

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