GOG Says Sorry With a Free Game


GOG is sorry for selling a glitched copy of MotoRacer 2 and to prove it, it’s giving away a code for a free game to everyone who bought it.

MotoRacer 2 somehow slipped through GOG’s testing process with some “serious gameplay issues” caused by leftover traces of the game’s old copy protection. It runs fine, but in motocross races players can’t shift higher than third gear and in Superbike mode they can’t get past fourth. This is, as you might expect, quite an impediment at race time, and it affects everyone who bought it; GOG said the problem was present in the masters it received from the publisher and it remains in all downloadable retail versions of the game.

GOG is currently at work on a fix but it has no idea when it will be ready, so in the meantime it’s going to do everyone who bought the game a solid by giving them a free $5.99 game code. “Just log in and go to our support form, select MotoRacer 2 from the dropdown of games you have downloaded, and fill out the subject line with something like, ‘I’d like a credit for my copy of MotoRacer 2‘,” a GOG rep explained on the community forum. “Our handy-dandy support team will get cracking on it and will send a code to you as soon a we can.”

And while GOG has pulled MotoRacer 2 off the virtual shelf until it’s fixed, anyone who bought it can keep it, re-download it whenever they want and continue trying to win races by winding it out in third. “GOG will never knowingly disappoint you, and we hope that this makes it right for you guys,” the rep said.

And that, folks, is how you make, and keep, your customers happy.

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