Guild Spotlight: Addiction

Name: Addiction
Play Orientation: FFA PvP
Role Playing: Non
Guild Size: Large (~100 member) and growing
Time Zone: PST, but we have many EU and Oceania members
Communication: Our Forums, Ventrilo and AddCom (Custom-made Addiction only program – see below)
Guild Hall Thread:
Web Site:

Furio of Addiction answered my questions with great answers –
Enjoy 🙂

What is unique about your guild?
Our organization and planning. We have a custom coded program called the Addiction Communicator (AddCom for short) which, once finished, will handle DKP, loot bidding, item databases, DPS parsing, tracking player ratings, and provisioning of communications for our members. AddCom can communicate with chat programs like AIM so our members will always be able to know whats going on in game even if they aren’t logged on. AddCom is designed to automate all of the “office work” that goes along with running a guild and ensures that all of our members can focus on what is important; playing their characters to their fullest potental. Our Rating system is also revolutionary. It is designed to eliminate personality contests. Your rank in the guild is completely independent from your rating. Your rating determines your priority on raids instead of your rank. We feel this rewards our players skill in the game instead of their personalities. Obtaining a higher rating is simple; play better. With our system you could be the Guild Leader and have a rating of D or E. This means our top players, those with ranks of A or B, get to raid the hardest and most rewarding zones. We do not have to give spots to players simply because they hold a position of leadership in the guild.

Who are the people of your guild?
We are a tight knit group of hardcore players. Many of our members have been playing together since early 2006. We started on the Venekor RP PVP server of Everquest 2 where we dominated most of the PVE content and quickly made a name for ourselves in PVP. Boredom set in and we began looking for a new game to play. We found Age of Conan and haven’t looked back since. We take our games seriously; “Girlfriends come and go, but Epics are soulbound.”

What is your main time zone?
Our main time zone is Pacific however we do have many members from all US timezones. We have a number of European and Australian members as well. Raids will be scheduled for 6pm PST., 9pm EST.

What servers are you gunning on?
As it stands we are currently undecided, but are leaning towards an FFA-PVP ruleset. Most of our members feel they will enjoy the game most on this type of server.

How do you look at interacting with other guilds?
We are open to the prospect, but have never needed any sort of “alliance” with another guild. Our goal is to keep all relations with other guilds in at least a somewhat healthy state.

How are you structured socially?
Our structure is unique to any guild any of our members have seen in their vast gaming history. We divide our structure into two main areas; Ranks and Ratings. Ranks are used to divide our roster’s leadership positions to give people with appropriate social skills the power to deal with problems and plan events as they see fit. Ratings are completely exclusive from Ranks. Ratings are used to determine raid priority in our guild and are directly generated from in-game performance. The better you play, the better your rating becomes. To combat the logistical issues of having a large roster we have broken our guild down into Divisions and within each division are Squads. Divisions and Squads are used for tactical organization in large scale PVP battles allowing the leadership to effectively keep track of all members as well as to create in-guild competition between squads with regards to PVP statistics.

What is your take on player cities?
We are very excited about player cities and plan on playing this aspect of the game to it’s fullest. In our opinion a guild’s city is a direct representation of its successes in the game and ours will by no means be lacking.

What is your take on in-game taxes and loot distribution?
Our guild gives allot to its members so you can definitely expect some sort of taxation assuming it’s needed. As for loot distribution we use a standard bidding DKP system on our raids. All DKP is tracked through our AddCom program eliminating human error in current day DKP recording systems.

What excites you most about Age of Conan?
Pretty much everything. Between the new combat systems, player cities, sieges, mature rating, and epic graphical detail we can’t quite contain ourselves. Many of our members have played practically every noteworthy MMO, Shooter, or Strategy game out there and we fully expect to see some skills not normally utilized by MMO’s come into play in Age of Conan.

What are you looking for in a potential member?
Skill, dedication, intelligence, and preferably extensive experience. Our guild aims to recruit only a certain type of player which is most easily described as “hardcore”. We do not want low playtime or off and on players. Our guild strongly emphasizes team work. Our members are expected to work well together for the good of the guild. Many of our members have already put in hundreds of hours of work designing our web site and coding AddCom. We are a mature guild and our members represent a wide spectrum of peoples from all walks of life, but we are not a daycare so please leave your drama at the door.

How to apply?
Go to, register an account, and follow the application process which begins in your User CP once you have logged in. You will have to check back regularly for updates on your application status.

Final words:
Gaming is our hobby. Some people paint miniature figures while others collect stamps. We play games and we take them seriously. You won’t find a shabby website or a borrowed Ventrilo server in Addiction. We have devised revolutionary systems to remove the tedious parts of running, or being involved in, a guild so that we can further enjoy our hobby. Are you Addicted?

If you have any questions, or you want to have your guild spotlighted, contact Mr.Ixolite at his very own E-MAIL! INDEED! an E-MAIL address.
Found here: [email protected] (BRILLIANT!) 😀

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