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Guild Spotlight: Primal Fury


Name: Primal Fury
Play Orientation: PvE / PvP
Role Playing: No, but we do welcome RPers.
Guild Size: large (~75 members) and growing
Time Zone: Oceanic/Australian GMT+10
Communication: Our Forums, TeamSpeak and Ventrilo closer to release
Guild Hall Thread:
Web Site:

Darkberserker – guild master of Primal Fury made my life super easy and gave super answers.
Enjoy 🙂

What is unique about your guild?
We are currently the most active Australian/Oceanic guild in the AoC community. We have an official, custom designed, guild-endorsed clothing line which consists of T-shirts/Hooded tops and embroidered logo, which will be available for purchase to Primal Fury members very soon. Plus, we hear that the world loves Aussies, so I guess that makes us unique 😉 (Darn tutin’! ~M.I)

Who are the people of your guild?
We consist of mature members from all over the world including Thailand, New Zealand, Guam and Turkey, though most members are based throughout Australia. All players who wish to play at Australian/Oceanic peak times are welcome to apply. A lot of our members have been Conan fans for most of their lives and so are very familiar with Hyboria and its many unique offerings.

What is your take on Role Playing?
While we will not be enforcing any mandatory Role Playing, there will be members who may feel inspired to Role Play in certain situations. We wouldn’t deny anybody the opportunity to enjoy the game and have their in-character moments as some of our members are passionate about Howard’s and Lovecraft’s works. Role Players are of course welcomed in the guild.

What servers are you gunning for?
In the early days as a guild we had a vote and decided that we would like to face the challenge of a PVP server. As to what type of PVP server, we are keeping our eyes open for further information about the types and the looting system.

How do you look at interacting with other guilds?
That depends on how other guilds interact with us!
But seriously we are interested in getting as many other Oceanic guilds as possible onto one server to maximize the amount of players online during our time zone. Will these guilds be allies or friendly rivals? We will have to wait and see.

How are you structured socially?
We are using a council system which consists of the Guild Master and several officers. This will be the governing body of Primal Fury with whom all important guild decisions will be voted on. We are also planning to have officers related to each player and crafting class and lastly a PVP officer whose responsibilities will be co-coordinating guild PVP events as well as Battle Keep sieges.

What is your take on player cities?
Player cities have influenced us from the very beginning. We will be very keen to quickly establish our own city and develop it for our members and any visitors. We will also be interested in testing our mettle on the field of battle and earning ourselves one of the coveted Battle Keeps.

What is your take on in-game taxes and loot distribution?
We will properly assess this element of game play after release.

What excites you most about Age of Conan?
What doesn’t? We are really excited about the ingenuity that Funcom have shown in their ability to develop and reinvent the MMO genre of game. They have put a new spin on so many features from the combat system and spell weaving to player run cities and mass battle wars over battle keeps.

How are you planning on communicating in-game?
We currently have a Team Speak server but closer to release we will be establishing a guild Ventrilo server.

What are you looking for in a potential member?
Maturity, mateship and the ability to play in the Oceanic timezone. Essentially we’re after members that are into a variety of play-styles and a good, healthy, upbeat yet competitive environment.

How to apply?
All potential applicants please submit an application on our forums forums following the instructions listed.

Final words from Darkberserker
We are very proud of the close community of mateship we have been able to cultivate within our guild. All our members are fantastic individuals who carry the Primal Fury colours with pride. We are interested in exploring all aspects that Age of Conan has to offer as well as hosting out of game events like our famous guild BBQ’s. After all, what kind of Aussie/Oceanic guild would we be without BBQ’s and beer?

Guild Recruitment video

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