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Guild Spotlight: The Forsaken


Name: The Forsaken
Play Orientation: RPvP
Role Playing: We are not an RP guild per-se, but we have RPers.
Guild Size: large (~80 members)
Time Zone: EU
Communication: Our Forums, IRC and TeamSpeak
Guild Hall Thread:
Web Site:

Ebbrey and Boner have gracefully answered my questions and were great sports about it all πŸ˜€
Here we go:

What is unique about your guild?
Our main focus is taking care of our private lives. We actually have rules about it. “Your priority is your life, not your character.” Our guild is quite old. We have been a online Pre-Guild with allot of active members for 18 months now.

Who are the people of your guild?
Our core is a old Clan/Guild from earlier games. Back then we were only 10 people.. and that is just not enough for AoC. Therefor we decided to fire up a new website and promote the Guild to grow into a larger bunch. Our Guild is a very mature and easygoing group. We play games together, talk about AoC all the time and help each other out in stuff even though the game is yet far from release.

What is your take on Role Playing?
Good question. In General people in a guild has very different views when it comes to Role Play. We will be a RP-PVP based guild in a way that each member can chose how much of RP they will do. Some wants to do it hardcore, while many others just do a tiny amount of it. We will not put massive restrictions on members on how they play their character when it comes to RP.

What is your current guild size?
We currently have approximately 80 members from many different countries in Europe, but most of us are from Norway.

What is your main time zone?
Our main timezone is CET. We prefer our members to be in this timezone (+)(-) 2 hours.

What servers are you gunning on?
We are mainly a bunch of PvP’ers so you will find us on one of those servers =)

How do you look at interacting with other guilds?
Being one the early adopters of this game, interacting with other guilds will never be a problem for us. As long as they are just as dark and evil as we are of course πŸ™‚
We worship a community that can work well together, so we will also do our part if and when other guilds would ask us. This be either in matter of structure, how we run it or just if someone wants to know us a bit better. No problem, we will be around for the other guilds out there. We know war is coming, and for that we will be ready.

How are you structured socially (ranks, groups…)?
The Forsaken has a very basic layout, with a Guildmaster on top (the founder ebbrey). His right hand and Co-founder Boner is a High Counsel and the squad of other “officers” below are named Councel’s. These members has a special unpaid job in the guild or are planned for a feature job which needs an extra effort. The rest are named Guild members. We plan to have about 110-120 members giving us approximately 40 people online at all times. Counsel ranks are obtained by good service or applied to when available.. High Counsel is a member that has an extra special trust with the Gm, and is able to speak in his absence. Normally the person “stepping up” when the Gm is unavailable.. This rank is obtained by history and service.

What is your take on player cities
This feature is one of the things that’s been looking most promising so far in Age of Conan, the ability to build & manage your very own guild-city! It’s something I for one have been waiting a long time for and I can only hope it lives up to its expectations. We intend to enjoy all aspects of the game, and since player cities are portrayed as one of the most important ones, we are obviously eager to construct and defend them from players and monsters alike. It’s hard to say which is the most important for us, as we do not know any specific about them. Personally, I find the sieges the most compelling of the city features, and I’m definitely looking forward to flinging giant boulders at people I don’t like.

What is your take on in-game taxes and loot distribution?
We are going to use a PPR system or DKP system for loot distribution. We think this is the most fair way to distribute items among members But we also have systems that lets new members have a chance from the beginning. And we have point systems for helping lower levels. When it comes to taxes we belive in helping the Guild whenever we can will help keeping the Guild on top and therefore last longer and be worthwhile.

From our FAQ:
No guild members receive extra points for lvl, damage or guild rank.. When you play in a group with other members, the looting is handled by the group leader.. And the old need and greed is used

How are you planning on communicating in-game?
For AoC we where thinking about using psychokinesis. Shipping notepads to all our guild members and make them build a rack to put it on, together with a pencil. πŸ˜‰

Joke aside, The founders of this guild are used to using TeamSpeak for communicating. We will listen to our guildmates and then decide what form of communications we want for AoC. Currently we use TeamSpeak and are most likely to do so unless our guildies want to do otherwise. Of course our members decide this.
Outside the game we have our channel on IRC, this is used for daily communication. You can visit us at #the.forsaken on Eu Efnet. Also our forums at which we use for matters that can’t be solved directly on IRC or needs to go out to the whole guild.

What excites you most about Age of Conan?
The things that I look forward to the most has to be he combat system. I’m so tired of games with one magic button who does it all. As a runner up I must say the player-made Cities or perhaps the Epic battles. No, the Graphics motor. No wait, I think player made items.. Actually, I think the most exciting things has yet to be discovered πŸ™‚

What are you looking for in a potential member?
He or She has to be 18 years old by release. The potential member needs at least some experience from previous games or guilds. A new rule has been made this year that all our new applicants needs to talk to our Counsel’s and Recruitment Counsel on our IRC channel before they are evaluated. This rule applied after we reached a certain amount of members. The applicant needs to be able to write English in an “understandable way” as our rules say. But besides this we only need to see that the player wants to have some fun πŸ˜‰

How to apply?
You apply on our website We have a Member Application system installed which you can find under “Join Us.”

Final words from The Forsaken:
We are a very social guild. Feel like you don’t belong elsewhere? Give us a try, you will be in for a surprise. We are a mature bunch of gamers, though we can still be childish at times. Games should be fun and not too serious. That said, we will still kill everything that moves, not having our mark on them *giggle*

Thanks to all others in the community out there that supports this game. From what I see on the forums and community pages, we are in for a real treat with this game. People are in general nicer and more mature than many other MMO’s out there (no offense).

Like all other well-oiled guilds this interview has been a team effort. This was not written by one person but several members of the guild.

We wish all AoC’ers to come a really pleasant summer!

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