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Guild Spotlight: The Hand of Set


Name: The Hand of Set (HoS)
Play Orientation: RP-PvP
Role Playing: Yes
Guild Size: Large (~100 members) and growing
Time Zone: US servers, but we are 50% EU and 50% US almost on the dot
Communication: our forums and likely Ventrilo or TeamSpeak in-game
Guild hall thread:
Web Site:

I am speaking to Sanakhti and Durgi, who were nice enough to give us some of their time and answer these questions. Here goes:

What does the HoS stand for?
HoS simply stands for ‘The Hand of Set’. Many of our members believe that HoS stands for more. A Cult, a place to worship the only true God, Set, and a place to prepare, sacrifice, and rule our dominion.

Who are the Hand of Set?
The Hand of Set, being a cult of Set worshipers, is a Theocracy (ruled by a priesthood). Its laws and methodologies are therefore based upon two worlds; the physical and spiritual.

What is unique about ‘The Hand of Set’?
This question seems to be asked by many people. What is Unique about The Hand of Set? We can take pride in being unique. It is what ‘Sets’ us apart from others. I have taken some excerpts from our website to define what makes us unique:

  • Unlike other guilds, The Hand of Set is a single-race organization. We only accept Stygians. Additionally, the only Priest class accepted is Scion of Set. The cult views the followers of other gods as either pagans or fools.
  • The Hand delves into the darker aspects of roleplay. Seduction, lust for power, murder, slavery, demonology and necromancy are commonplace and necessitate the need for all potential cult members to be mature.
  • Our members also make us very unique. We range from very experienced roleplayers, gamers, and Guild leaders from every part of the world, to people that have little experience in all of the above.
  • One of the quotes from our prophet is with me in everything I do. It was what called many of us to The Hand of Set:

    Be warned. This will be a PVP guild full of evil players with many friends in the roleplaying community. Betray us at your own peril.

What servers are you gunning for?
We are gunning for a PvP-RP server. We have responded to the polls, posts, and petitions that concern the creation of such a server as well. We can only hope that the AoC developers hear our call.

How do you look on interaction with other guilds?
We have a great relationship with a lot of Guilds in the Age of Conan community. Our Arch Enemy is the Cimmerians of the Snowhawk Clan. We plan to have many battles hence forth with the Barbaric likes of the Snowhawk Clan. Our future battles will be enticing, creative, and fun. We have a great relationship with the leadership of the Snowhawk Clan and we look forward to interacting with them in AoC.

We have a great relationship with the mercenaries of the Skullsplitters as well. Although we are a force to be reckoned with, we will hire the mercenaries when we want to keep a low profile.

Of course, most of our members are also a part of the AoC-RP community where we have two members on the Council along with others representatives from the Guilds that are there. It is a great way to interact with the RP community and coordinate our needs and wants together.

How is the HoS structured socially (ranks, groups…)?
Well being a theocracy the ruling status symbols within the guild are primarily the Scions of Set, they minister to the disciples of the Cult, preaching Set’s will as imparted upon them, by Nkosi our founder and Prophet of Father Set. Nkosi’s vision founded the guild, and its her visions passed down to her from the Great Serpent that help direct us. The ‘Charge of Set’ which is the basis of our Cult, can be found by visiting

Outside that we have other less fanatical roles for people not of the Priestly persuasion. Class Masters, responsible for aiding and advising new members on the nuances of the various classes admitted to the Hand. We have the Fist of Set who is our War-leader so to speak, responsible for managing large scale PvP, keep battles and the alike. During times of Battle it’s his or her voice that rules supreme. We have our dedicated and most prized possession the Lore Master, who collects all the Lore of Hyboria for our members to immerse themselves in. When the game goes live that’ll include quests, items, etc. Helping us build up a valuable Lore Knowledge base with which our members can prepare for the many perils we will face in Age of Conan.

These are a few examples of how the guild is made up. And of course we have our beloved and loyal slave Kamirako whom we’d all starve without his daily feasts.

What is your take on player cities?
Well Nkosi’s vision was to have a player city, that being named Necropolis, so we like the idea and fully intend on having a fully functional and wonderful home for The Hand to base our adventures from.

We have people of all ages and backgrounds, and a very relaxed atmosphere within the guild, so anyone who’s up for a spot of roleplay and fun, and likes the darker side of life. That or they look good in a chainmail bikini 😛

As a Stygian only Guild, How do you plan on managing without the Soldier class?
The HoS does not feel that the lack of the soldier class will be major drawback in PvP. HoS is determined to win all of it’s battles using it’s wits and strategy, not depending on a tank class that may even be detrimental to PvP. The Hand will cooperate with it’s allies to succeed without soldiers in PvE. Our allies will coraid with us and allow us to successfully voyage places where a soldier may be vital. There are also plans, being discussed by the council of Set, that we may enslave a few soldiers to serve Set’s will.

What is your take on in-game taxes on one hand, and loot distribution on the other?
The Guild council is currently discussing this, but the majority feel it’s a good thing, after all Necropolis needs to be built, crafters need help funding their diligent work, to provide the Hand with the best possible weapon and armor to wage our war on… I mean protect us from the barbaric oafs of Cimmeria and Aquilonia. If like most games theres an in game function for it, it’ll probably be in place.

What excites you most about Age of Conan?
As a guild, most of us are excited about the lore as we’ve been fans of R.E.Howard’s world for some time, but the sheer scope and beauty of the world is eye catching for all to see, and the new innovative combat system helps immerse you in the battles better than it’s current competitors. There’s loads really.

How are you planning on communicating in-game (raids, sieges etc…)?
As a roleplay guild, most of what we do gets done by types commands, to allow us to properly express social emotes outside that of the social commands of the game, the same is said for talking, it’s about being part of the gaming world. We will use TS or Vent, for an out of character function, just to chatter and laugh and joke, with one another, as most people do in mmorpg’s today. We will also probably make use of it during PvP battles to facilitate communication. The likelihood is it’ll be Vent.

What are you looking for in a potential member?
Well being a roleplayer helps, but is not a requirement, we have people of all ages and backgrounds, and a very relaxed atmosphere within the guild, so anyone who’s up for a spot of roleplay and fun, and likes the darker side of life. That or they look good in a chainmail bikini 😛

What do you expect from your members?
Like most guilds, we expect our members to behave cordially and appropriately and treat their fellow gamers as they wish to be treated, with respect and dignity. Though we roleplay a bunch of blood crazed fanatical Set worshipers we still are human beings, and as a rather mature guild, we appreciate those around us. So our members are expected to be nice, whilst still being evil to the core. Quite the challenge, huh? 😀 However, we certainly know how to have fun. One stop by our forums will give notice of some of our more hilarious members.

And finally, How to apply?
There’s a few ways to apply:
Firstly, by PM’ing Shiloh on expressing your interest in the guild.


Secondly, and this is the best way. Visiting our forums at – and PM’ing any of the following people telling us a bit about yourself, etc etc and expressing your interest in the hand. List of guild council members you can PM are:
Sanakhti, Neith, Zurual, Veseere, Kul’Ohasar, Klathkresh, Kul Nalik.

Final words from Sanakhti:
We’d like to take the time to thank you for expressing an interest in The Hand of Set, and look forward to playing with all the members of the Age of Conan community come release in October. Anyone is free to drop by our forums and say Hi, or inquire about the guild, all inquiries are met with a friendly and welcoming response. May Set guide your soul to the dark places of Hyboria.

If you want to bug me with suggestions, questions or whatnot.. DON’T! 😀
Just kidding! I’m always happy to hear from you. I’m at: [email protected]

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