Guncraft Merges Minecraft With Competitive FPS Combat


It’s part Call of Duty, part Minecraft, and all multiplayer madness.

Guncraft is exactly what you’d expect from an equal mixing of creative block-builder Minecraft and fast-paced military shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. If you can picture Steve with a minigun or Soap MacTavish condensed to six rectangular blocks, you can probably already imagine the gameplay that would result from this bizarre, but somehow sensible, blend. The ability to tunnel behind enemies lines or build a bunker in the middle of a firefight brings a new layer of tactics to typical FPS gunfights, and your architectural skills will be put to the test when your structures come under fire from the enemy. A new trailer for the game is gathering attention before the game’s official launch.

For those with an acute feeling of déjà vu, you may have heard this before. Guncraft has been on the radar since last PAX, where the developers secured a booth directly adjacent to Mojang’s. The game is currently in beta and preparing for a full release through Steam Greenlight, though the game has yet to actually be greenlit (you can check out the page here, if you feel like throwing a vote their way).

Be careful not to confuse Guncraft and Ace of Spades, an earlier voxel-based multiplayer shooter with modifiable terrain. Comparisons are inevitable, since they’re currently the only two prominent members of that particular sub-genre, but there are quite a few differences. Whereas Ace of Spades adopted the class-based team dynamics of Team Fortress, Guncraft draws heavily from Call of Duty and Battlefield with customizable loadouts, kill streaks, vehicles, and consumable items. Players are also highly encouraged to flex their creative muscles, with an in-depth map maker and custom prefabs that players can take their time designing before dropping them onto the frontlines with the press of a button.

Guncraft is still rounding up votes on Steam Greenlight to launch there, though you can pre-order the game from its official website for $15 to earn some exclusive rewards.

Source: Exato Games

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