Hackers Claim Credit for Destiny, CoD Crash


“Woah, I think there are some Ghosts haunting Destiny,” Tweets Lizard Squad.

If you were among those who got booted from Destiny‘s servers this weekend, you may have hacking group Lizard Squad to thank. The problem has since been resolved, but for a while there “Lost Connection to partner service” kept people from their beloved Dinklebot.

The attack took place late Sunday evening, West Coast time. The problem didn’t affect all users – an Australian player reported no difficulty logging on – and was resolved quickly. Call of Duty: Ghosts servers were also briefly affected, as were EA’s Madden, FIFA and Sims 4.

Lizard Squad‘s the same bunch that hit Sony with DDoS attacks recently, as well as making a bomb threat that diverted Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley’s plane mid-flight. Smedley has continued to be a Lizard Squad target since that incident.

That said, it may not be the same Lizard Squad, or at least not the same people. Describing itself as “just a bunch of guys with too much free time,” Lizard Squad announced it was disbanding after the FBI caught some of its members. “We have lives believe it or not, things to do, people to meet,” it said. “Goodbye.”

Perhaps it ought to have been au revoir.

Source: Forbes

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