Free Radical developer Derek Littlewood confirmed that Haze is not natively rendered at HD resolutions.

The studio’s creative lead confirmed that the first-person shooter, due out next week exclusively for the PlayStation 3, does not natively render at 720p.

This runs contrary to a post made by Haze community manager Aymeric Evennou on the PlayStation Blog, which said “From some other comments I read, I wanted to clarify that the game runs at 720p resolution.”

“We prioritise a nice smooth framerate over a different res. Personally, I don’t really buy the whole thing,” said Littlewood, referring to microexaminations of game resolutions.

“People did the same with Call of Duty, they did the same with Halo, and they say with those games ‘It’s not running at true HD!’ And it’s like, I don’t care. If the game looks good and it runs smoothly, those are the important things to me,” said Littlewood.

The PS3 will use an internal scaler to upscale the game to 720p.

While both Microsoft and Sony have frequently touted the HD capabilities of their respective consoles, with Sony in particular mocking Microsoft at the outset for not having “true” HD titles in 1080p, few of the triple A titles for either company have been natively rendered at even 720p.

Source: Ripten

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