Heroes of The Storm Technical Alpha Goes Live


Blizzard also released a video walkthrough of the Heroes of The Storm alpha so players know what to expect.

The Heroes of The Storm “Technical Alpha” that Blizzard announced a few weeks ago has now finally launched, giving a handful of lucky fans an early look at the upcoming MOBA. Those of you who have been given keys should check the email associated with your account for instructions on how to get the game running.

Blizzard stressed that “there is a possibility you might encounter bugs, graphical errors, or other issues – so don’t hold it against us,” admitting that “we’re still very early in development and the Tech Alpha is truly a work in progress.” It did add that the game “is playable and much of the core experience is present.”

Along with the news of the alpha’s commencement, Blizzard sent us a “video walkthrough” detailing what new players can expect when they first load up the game. Check it out above.

Community Manager Cloaken recently took a look into the Technical Alpha client and what players can expect to see when they load up the game for the very first time. In this video, you’ll get a preview of the tutorial, different play modes, the progression system, the Shop, and much more!

Did you get in to the Heroes of The Storm alpha? I did, and I’ll be checking it out and offering some first impressions later in the week.

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