Hitman 3 Chongqing Assassination Guide


Chongqing in Hitman 3 ups the stakes in all ways, playing out on a more complex map with two highly protected targets and more guards than 47 can throw a soda can at. It’s a steep rise in difficulty with multi-step special challenges, but our Hitman 3 Chongwing guide walks you through some of Chongqing’s toughest assassinations.

Deprivation — Eliminate Hush When He Is Using His Deprivation Chamber

Hitman 3 Chongqing Special Kills Guide

Deprivation is a slightly misleading title for this Hitman 3 Chongqing challenge. You don’t actually deprive Hush of anything, other than his life, and the process is much simpler than the in-game description suggests. You can get to Hush’s test room by following the Impulse Control story or just infiltrating the apartment building.

Either way, you’ll encounter a large, open room as you climb with two enforcers, one in the hallway and the other at the far end of the room near the kitchen. Stay out of sight and make your way to the far side of the room. Exit into the hallway and make towards the staircase. You’ll notice a gate barring your way, so you need to go around to continue. But first, walk up to the gate and grab the power fuse sitting there on the boxes.

Hitman 3 Chongqing Special Kills Guide

Continue climbing the building, preferably avoiding the research room and its lack of places to hide. If you run into a door locked with a keypad, the correct code is 2552.

Eventually, you’ll wind up in Hush’s experiment room. There’s no foolproof disguise here. Hush can spot a fake researcher, while his bodyguard sees through your block guard disguise. For now, wait until Junli, the researcher near the bathroom, walks away from the door. Go inside and knock the test subject out, then stuff him in the closet. Emerge from the bathroom and, if Hush is still in the chair, take a right. Follow the path around until you see another door.

Enter, then quickly deal with the guard at the other end of the room and the researcher, if there is one. Stick them in the closet, then put the fuse cell in the power box. Now comes the most tedious part.

Go back outside, and crouch down behind the boxes. Move out of sight as needed. Hush eventually confronts Junli about the test subject, and he’ll storm off downstairs. Wait some more and move behind the whiteboard in the back of the room. Hush comes back up in about a minute. Wait again while they run another test, and he’ll gripe at Junli about the subject again. Then he moves off to mess with some papers, and after 10 seconds or so, Junli expresses concern over his health.

Hush complains some more, then moves to his relaxation room. With the power back on, he sits in the chair, oblivious to the world. Do whatever you want to kill him. Anything counts towards Deprivation, so it’s not of much a special kill for Chongqing, compared to the others Hitman 3 has to offer.

Mnemonic — Overload Hush’s Brain

Hitman 3 Chongqing Special Kills Guide

Hitman 3’s Mnemonic kill follows the Impulse Control mission story. Seek out a homeless person and take on their disguise. There are more people around than usual, but if you watch and wait, you’ll figure out their patterns and can knock a homeless person out unnoticed. Don’t hesitate to use distractions if need be, including coins.

Now continue following the prompts and infiltrate the building’s higher levels. Taking on a researcher or guard disguise will help immensely in this process, and don’t hesitate to use the balconies to reach heavily guarded places.

You’ll eventually make it to a staff kitchen on your way up. There’s a fuse in here, which is vital for the Deprivation kill. Use 47’s instincts to find it if need be.

Once you make it to the test site, wait for Junli the researcher to finish her pep talk. Enter the bathroom, subdue the subject, and put on his clothes (making sure to hide the body afterward). Here’s where you need to act fast, so go ahead and save.

Don’t talk to Junli. Instead, lurk around the back of the room where Hush and his bodyguard are. Eventually, Hush confronts Junli and asks why the subject isn’t ready. He stomps off downstairs in a temper. Follow his progress with your instincts and wait until he stops downstairs. Now, inform Junli you’re ready to start. She gets the other subject out and moves back to her station.

Knock her out immediately, and remove the body. You probably won’t have time to get her in the closet, but you can try putting her outside the door nearby if you unlocked it first, or just drag her around out of sight.

Carry on with the procedure, resist when prompted, and Hush gets overloaded.

Stick It to the Man — Redacted

The image for the Chongqing Stick It to the Man challenge says all there is to say really. Disguised as a homeless person, climb the apartment building, and strangle Hush. Make good use of window ledges, drainpipes, and Hush’s code (2552) to help the process along and avoid detection.

Big Bada Boom and Bullet Points

Hitman 3 Chongqing’s Big Bada Boom and Bullet Points special kills follow the All-Seeing Eyes story. For Big Bada Boom, you need to eliminate Hush and Imogen Royce in one explosion, so go in with an explosive device of some kind. For Bullet Points, you’ll eliminate Hush and Imogen Royce with a single bullet from a sniper rifle.

Head to the top of the building as indicated on the map. The easiest way to get there is through the laundromat at the start of the mission. Use code 0118 on the keypad to access the roof, and quietly (or not) deal with the guards on your way up. Locate the busted drone, then grab the sniper rifle from the level below. Shoot the first three drones.

Definitely save before you do, though. There’s extra rifle ammo on the metal scaffolding where you set up shop, enough for more than 25 shots, though you’re out of luck if you use it all up. Track the drones and figure out where they stop the longest, then let loose. That should save most of your ammo.

Your next task is shooting the drones in the Block region, but don’t do it right away. Instead, you’ll need to get set up first. Hush and Royce will meet in the walkway under the neon Lotus sign. Find a way there, either by infiltrating Hush’s apartment building or climbing the facility building on Royce’s side. A street guard uniform will work wonders either way.

Now, making sure you aren’t observed, shoot down the remaining drones and find a spot to hide. Royce and Hush appear and argue for a couple of minutes. There’s ample time to line up a shot and take both out at the same time for Bullet Points. Alternatively, you can throw a remote explosive device and detonate it for Big Bada Boom.

Royce Assassinations: Infiltrating the Facility Tips

Hitman 3 Chongqing Special Kills Guide

The second half of the Hitman 3 Chongqing mission revolves around Royce’s special assassinations. You can get a feel for the facility by following the Certainty Principle storyline, though the easiest way to pull these off is deviating from that line and forging your own path.

Whatever your choice, you’ll need to go out behind the noodle restaurant first and access the facility by entering the correct key code. It should be 0118, according to the message in Pritchard’s room, though I had trouble getting it to work.

If you do as well, just start the storyline and follow the guide down. Once inside, you can skip the frisk by hacking the nearby panel, sneaking into the guard room, and quietly knocking a guard out. These guards are incredibly dense except on Hard mode, so you should be able to do this unnoticed.

Now start working your way down the facility. Investigate desks for security dongles as you go, an act that doesn’t arouse anyone’s suspicion. Don an analyst’s or bodyguard’s disguise when you can, and remember the air vents are a viable way of getting past obstacles at times.

Once you arrive at the Tier 2 checkpoint, note the break room, cooling system, and nearby coolant pool. That’s important for one of the kills.

Get past the checkpoint and save. There’s a lot of work to do.

Shock to the System — Eliminate Imogen Royce by Electrocution

Hitman 3 Chongqing’s first Royce assassination is Shock to the System, which tasks you with electrocuting Royce. If you’ve been paying attention so far, you’ll realize the only area with both water and electricity is the break room. You should have seen a screwdriver lying around by now on your journey. Equip it and tamper with the power bar by the water cooler.

You should be able to do this unnoticed. If not, hack the glass to make it go dark, poison the coolant with the emetic from the nearby bathroom, and turn the cooling system on. That sends one worker out. Turn the system off and deal with the remaining worker. Once the other one comes back in, deal with them too.

Don’t mess with the water tank yet or you’ll kill an NPC and ruin your chance at Royce.

Go back into the Tier 2 hub and use 47’s camera to hack all three computers at the workstation with the standing employees. This sends them on break. Royce always stops at this station on her rounds, and she’ll head to the break room once she realizes the workers are gone.

Here’s where it could get chaotic, but this is what worked for me: Once Royce is inside, she should be facing away from the water jug. Stab it with a screwdriver. This might attract her attention, but if not, go outside and turn the cooling system on again. She’ll try to investigate the cooling system and walk through the electrified puddle. Mission accomplished.

The next two are more involved, and you’ll want a bodyguard disguise.

Cooling Down — Eliminate Imogen Royce by Drowning Her in the Core’s Coolant

Cooling Down, another Royce-related task during the Hitman 3 Chongqing mission has you push Royce over the railing in the data core. The trouble is she has a bodyguard with her at all times. Fortunately, she also has a routine she never deviates from. First, darken the glass down in the Tier 3 area. If you haven’t gotten it already, there’s a Tier 3 dongle in the Tier 2 hub area, on the desk of the lone analyst in the side room.

Right after Royce leaves her office, go in. The guard outside lets you in as long as you’re dressed like a bodyguard. Now darken the glass.

Interact with the terminal and fire Jeremy. This should trigger a distraction for Royce’s bodyguard, but if the timing is off, try it right before she enters the office instead. Jeremy talks to the guard for ages, so it should still give you enough time to tail Royce into the core.

Either way, follow Royce into the core. She moves over to the railing after she interacts with the terminal, and that’s your chance to shove her in.

Medium Rare — Eliminate Imogen Royce by Having an Employee Start the Core Cleansing

Medium Rare is the most involved special kill you’ll find during your time in the Hitman 3 Chongqing mission. It also uses Royce’s terminal, but you’ll need to do some more prep work for this one. Make sure the glass is dark around the data core just to avoid any potential unpleasantness, then go into Royce’s office when she isn’t around. First, fire Alicia. This removes your obstacle to overriding the safety protocol. Head into the data core, when Royce isn’t there obviously, and deactivate the safety protocol.

Head back to Royce’s office and go in as soon as she leaves. Keep an eye on her using instinct mode, and once you see her about to enter the data core area, quickly fire the employee in the upper left. She’ll hesitate, then activate the cleansing procedure and fry Royce. Note if you want to go through without killing her guard too, you’ll have to fire Jeremy first to sidetrack him.

Venting Some Stress — Redacted

Venting Some Stress follows the same procedure as Shock to the System, only you add lethal poison to the break room’s cooling system instead of an emetic. It’s messy, since other people will be in there, but such is the life of an assassin.

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