Hitman is getting more new content – this time it’s a new bonus mission coming alongside the physical release.

There’s even more new content coming to Hitman at the end of this month. The complete first season of the game is heading to retail (physical copies, as digital versions are already available) and there’s a new difficulty mode launching as well. Square is adding to the January 31 offerings, as it has announced a new bonus mission will launch that day as well.

The new mission is titled Landslide, and it’s the third bonus mission for Hitman. Set in the Sapienza location, Landslide takes place during the Festival del Paese. You’ll be tasked with eliminating Marco Abbiati, described as “a snake-tongued wealthy businessman-turned-politician who is returning to his hometown to run for mayor.”

The Landslide mission will be free for anyone who owns the complete first season, or the upgrade pack. It will also be available as part of “The Bonus Episode,” a pack that will include the three bonus missions, “The Icon,” “A House Built on Sand” and “Landslide.” That pack will also be included with on-disc copies of Hitman as downloadable content.

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