Hogwarts Legacy state of play has gameplay inside wizard school footage harry potter room of requirement reveal holiday 2022 release date

Developer Avalanche Software showed off much more of open-world action RPG Hogwarts Legacy in a dedicated PlayStation State of Play today, revealing about 15 minutes of PlayStation 5 gameplay and a holiday 2022 release window. Even though the game is set in the late 1800s, your time at Hogwarts will not be unlike the adventures of Harry Potter in the books and movies. You will create a customizable character, who is notably a new fifth-year student at Hogwarts. During the day, you’ll attend classes, make friends, and learn more about magic. Honing your skills means getting better acquainted not only with spells but potions, magical beasts, and more.

Some spells quickly ignite enemies, while others suspend them in midair. Another spell might then slam them into the ground, while another can pull them close. They’re all unique on their own, but using spell combos seems to be the meat and potatoes of Hogwarts Legacy’s combat system. With beasts, goblins, and enemy wizards to duel, there are a variety of foes who will demand quick thinking and creative combinations to beat.

Hogwarts looks more alive than ever in the PS5 Hogwarts Legacy gameplay. The castle is almost exactly as you’ve seen in the movies, featuring a dense interior and secret passageways, as well as what seem to be hundreds of students. You’ll get to know a few of these new characters as you embark on your journey to learn more of an apparent goblin rebellion. There’s also the Room of Requirement, which serves as a type of hub to retreat to in order to craft potions and care for plants.

Hogwarts Legacy features dynamic seasons that change throughout the course of your time in school. Those who wander far enough outside the castle can engage with various wildlife and even traverse the town of Hogsmeade. Avalanche Software looks to have created a large game, so it’s great to know that you’ll be able to ride a broomstick around school grounds to quickly reach faraway destinations.

Hogwarts Legacy launches for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S sometimes in holiday 2022. You can watch the full gameplay presentation, as well as a message from the developer, in the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play below.


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