Holy Escapist Quiz, Batman!


Gear up for the release of Arkham Asylum with our quiz about the Caped Crusader.

He may not be the terror that flaps in the night, but Batman is still pretty damn cool, as superheroes go. He’s been campy (POW!) and he’s been brooding, but he’s always been one of our favorites. Whet your appetite for Batman:Arkham Asylum with ten questions about Gotham’s champion.

Some quick reminders: No need to rush, but your time does affect your position on the leaderboards. You can retake the quiz, but each attempt adds to your overall time. If you want to know what questions you got wrong, just click the link at the end of the quiz.

When you’re done taking the quiz, make sure you let us know who your favorite Batman villain is. Me, I’m all about the Harley Quinn. It’s the hyenas, really.

Quick…to the BatQuiz! (Take the quiz.)

Got a quiz of your own you’d like to submit? Send it to [email protected]. If we use it, you’ll receive a special badge! Please be sure to put “Quiz” as the subject and include your forum name with your submission.

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