Homeland Security Delayed The Monsterpocalypse!


Your hard-earned tax dollars were well spent when the Department of Homeland Security intercepted a shipment of a strategy guide for the tabletop miniatures game, Monsterpocalypse.

In July of this year, Privateer Press reported that the Department of Homeland Security stopped a shipment of gaming strategy guides from entering the country. The title of the guide was Monsterpocalypse Series 3: All Your Base which detailed strategies for the third series of the miniatures game, Monsterpocalypse. The game involves taking over the world using miniature replicas of giant monsters.

William Shick, of Privateer Press, said that the publisher was surprised and confused by the incident. “There was a lot of head shaking,” he said. “We thought it was ridiculous.” When the delay was announced on the Privateer Press website, customers had a hard time believing it wasn’t just some crazy publicity stunt.

To this day, the Department of Homeland Security has not revealed why the entire shipment was confiscated, searched and then released a week later. One can only speculate that they were, in fact, worried that it was a guide for prospective terrorists to use giant monsters to overtake our planet.

Someone should tell DHS that it’s just a game. They should also ignore most of the titles on my bookshelf…

Source: Reason

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