‘When you have twenty, twenty five guns aimed at you without the safeties on … you start shaking.’

Swatting has become an all too familiar occurrence. God alone knows who thinks it would be funny to get someone else shot in a police raid; as Maxcuster X points out, you can’t have the internet without trolls. Case in point, Maxcuster’s own Swatting, in which he, his wife, his children and his infant daughter were all put at risk by some jagoff who thought it would be amusing to re-enact Grand Theft Auto V.

The story’s best told in Maxcuster’s own words. He said nothing at the time, hoping to deny the troll his jollies. Whoever it was went to great lengths to ensure the cops would want to come in shooting. It’s anyone’s guess what might have happened next, if Maxcuster and his wife hadn’t realized what was going on and made contact with the police.

“What a game, huh?” sighs Maxcuster. “Real funny.” There’s not much that can be done, he admits, without giving up the internet altogether. Nice or nasty, doesn’t matter; the people who do this are looking for a target, and don’t care what or who they hit.

Maxcuster X hasn’t given up. He wants to keep on doing the thing that he loves. If you want to see more of his stuff, have a look over here at his YouTube.

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