Delve into Myth Side Quest in Final Fantasy XIV

The ‘Delve into Myth’ side quest in Final Fantasy XIV is required to unlock the Eureka Orthos deep dungeon. New to patch 6.35, this 100-floor megadungeon is a great challenge for any determined warrior of light brave enough to face it. The dungeon sends you beneath the depths of the Crystal Tower to plunder the depths of an abandoned Allagan research facility. Fortunately, the questline to unlock it is pretty simple. Here’s our step-by-step guide.

How to Complete the Delve into Myth Side Quest and Unlock Eureka Orthos

To begin the ‘Delve into Myth’ side quest, you must have first completed both the main quest scenario ‘Endwalker,’ as well as floor 50 of the Palace of the Dead deep dungeon. Additionally, you must have any combat job over level 81.

  1. Start off by talking to Koh Rabntah in Mor Dhona (X:21.8, Y:8.1 on your map). You can find her standing by a lamppost.
  2. Once you’ve heard her out (and called upon one very beloved scion), mount up and head to The Eight Sentinels (X:35, Y:20) in the south-eastern corner of the map. To enter, you need to go through the ‘Crystal Gate,’ which is located at X:32, Y:16.
  3. Wait at the destination in The Eight Sentinels (X:35, Y:20) by interacting with the destination spot. Greet an old friend and enjoy Koh Rabntah’s flashy new wardrobe.
  4. Head down the stairs and speak with Koh Rabntah again (X:34, Y:19).
  5. Head just across from her and speak with Khatun (X:35, Y:19), then give her your expedition kit to complete the quest.

Location of the Crystal Gate and Crystal Tower in Final Fantasy XIV for the Delve into Myth side quest

That’s all you need to complete the quick Delve into Myth side quest to unlock the Eureka Orthos deep dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. You can read up on our full explanation of Eureka Orthos here. Or, if you’re curious about the Lore behind Dalamud, one of ancient Allag’s oldest experiments, check out our lore deep-dive.

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