Humble Bundle is rolling out 14 sets of games over the next two weeks, starting with a re-release of its Deep Silver collection.

The Humble Bundle certainly has come a long way from its 2010 debut. Starting out with indie bundles that launched twice a year, the website now offers weekly and bi-weekly game deals, along with a digital storefront for individual titles. Between the bundles and store discounts Humble Bundle could have had three sales happening any given week, but apparently that’s not enough anymore. Now we have the Humble Daily Bundle, a two-week set of rotating game bundles ranging from fan favorites to unique sets designed specifically for the event.

The Humble Daily Bundle has kicked things off with a re-release of its Deep Silver pack, which was fairly well-received at the time. Until 2pm tomorrow, paying $9 will net you Saints Row 2 and 3, Risen 1 and 2, Sacred 2 Gold Edition, Sacred Citadel, Metro 2033, and the complete Dead Island series. As always, a portion of proceeds can be donated to charity (in this case, the American Red Cross and Child’s Play). And of course, this is all while the Humble Store’s Spring Sale remains in full swing.

Although the Humble Daily Bundle is only planned as a two-week event, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it transitioned into a permanent site feature. Steam has already shown that short and frequent discounts, ranging from daily deals to flash sales, can be incredibly successful when handled correctly. Coupled with the varied Steam codes/DRM-free editions in the Humble Bundle’s library, and there’s more than enough to keep fans coming back every single day. In the meantime, the only real question is what the “unique bundles curated specifically for this event” will be.

Source: Humble Bundle

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