I’m onto You


Not too long ago, I came into possession of an Eye Toy. I was skeptical. Reading the back of the games was less than enticing … something about window washing? What? Game, people. Fun, excitement, not … chore. But, well, I’m interested in new gaming experiences, so my friend and I fired it up.

Skip to 3 hours later. Scene: All lights in the room are on and lamps are in weird skewed positions to better light the room and the person in front of the Eye Toy who is, incidentally, flailing like a madperson. That Madperson was me. I was Spinning Plates on Sticks. Ohhh yeah. And it was fun. So fun in fact…

Skip to next day. Scene: Me at my desk, in my office rubbing my vaguely sore arms. I spun one too many plates one too many times. Oi. It is at that point I realize…

I know what you are up to, you game developers. You are trying to make us move with your Eye Toys, DDRs Guitar Heroes, and yes, even your Karaoke Revolutions cuz who can stand still while singing “Beat It.” A moonwalk is so necessary it’s reflexive, really. And now, the Wii with the symphony conducting and tennis playing. Yes, I’m onto you.

For all my theories, I’m not positive this is the goal. I think more research into said Movement Inducing games will be necessary. Yes. Definitely.

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