Indie Developer Releases Side-Scrolling 8-Bit Version of Team Fortress 2


Valve’s team-based multiplayer shooter gets a pixilated makeover.

A huge fan of classic arcade gaming, Eric Ruth has created low-res pixilated versions of several modern games, including Halo, Left 4 Dead, and DJ Hero. This past weekend saw the release of Ruth’s latest retro “demake” Team Fortress Arcade, which takes Valve’s multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 and turns it into a side-scrolling beat-em-up starring everyone’s favorite crew of dysfunctional mercenaries.

“I’m a BIG fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Final Fight, Streets Of Rage, X-Men Arcade and the mostly forgotten DJ Boy.” Ruth said. “So, naturally, I tried combining two things I love together.”

TFA features all nine character classes in TF2 with attributes and abilities based around their particular TF2skill sets. The Engineer deploys waves of sentries, The Spy uses his invisibility to get out of harm’s way, and The Heavy is just good at being hard to kill. Players battle their way through several stages defended by TF2’s RED team, several of which are inspired by some of TF2’s game modes such as Payload.

TFA is available for free here. Currently, Ruth doesn’t have any plans to include any kind of item drop or hat system in future updates, but has stated that more game modes are in the works, including online co-op and player-versus-player.

Source: Pixigeek via 1Up

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