Infinity Ward may be relenting on one of the sore spots PC gamers had with their version of Modern Warfare 2: The game may be getting official mod tools after all.

When it came to the official PC release of CoD MewTwo, the PC gaming community had more than a few grievances: Chief among them was the game’s lack of dedicated server support, but there were other issues as well, notably the absence of official modding tools (and a curious stink over the most inconsequential complaint of all time, the removal of the ability to lean around corners).

None of this stopped the PC version of MW2 from selling like hotcakes – far outstripping its predecessor, Call of Duty 4, even – but it seems that Infinity Ward may have been listening to the fans after all… Maybe. Sort of.

In response to a tweet from a fan asking about news about dedicated servers or mod tools, Infinity Ward community manager Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling responded: “Nothing on Dedicated Servers, but there may be some Mod Tools news coming in the future, I’ll pass it along once I have it.”

Now, he doesn’t say that the news would be, “We’re releasing mod tools,” but that’s the impression that the announcement gives. And who knows? If IW is willing to compromise on this issue, they may be willing to compromise on the dedicated servers thing, too – letting the disenfranchised PC crowd get in on what is (judging by the conversations Jordan Deam and Spinwhiz have by my desk almost every morning) a genuinely good game. Or would it be too little, too late?

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