Critical Miss




So today’s strip is an obvious homage/mean-spirited parody of the OwlTurd Comix, which you should definitely go read despite it using the word “comix” without irony. I quite like OwlTurd, it’s a simple concept executed well and it obviously appeals to a shit ton of people judging by how often it crops up on Reddit/facebook/pornhub/etc. Now obviously all these comics are metaphorical, but it’s still quite comforting to think of our desires and flaws as these discrete entities that exist to either guide us to or distract us from what we think we should be doing. It’s not a new concept. We’ve always had devils on our shoulders and angels in our nature. Religions are built on these concepts. Still, something about it strikes me as fundamentally unhealthy.

Or maybe I just like taking things that are happy and carefree and making them grim and unpleasant. I blame cynicism.

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