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Is Oppenheimer Banned in Japan Explained

is it banned in Japan The new Oppenheimer trailer offers a drastically different look at the Christopher Nolan atomic book movie, in that it looks normal.

The Christopher Nolan movie Oppenheimer has been widely praised by critics across the globe. But there’s one country where that’s unlikely to be the case — Japan. So what’s happening? Given its subject matter, is the Japanese government preventing movie theaters from showing the film? If you’re wondering if Oppenheimer is banned in Japan, here is the full answer explained.

Explaining Whether Oppenheimer Is Banned in Japan

Oppenheimer is not officially banned in Japan. However, Universal Pictures has yet to confirm whether the film will be shown over there. Back in June, a spokesman for Universal told Variety that “plans have not been finalized in all markets.”

Since then, there’s been no further word as to whether the movie will or won’t be getting a Japanese release. My money is on won’t, and it’s all to do with the film’s subject matter, the inventor and the invention of the atomic bomb.

In 1945, the bombs that Oppenheimer was instrumental in creating were dropped on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No one knows the exact number of deaths, but estimates put it at up to 200,000 people, with many more injured.

It has been argued that the bombs ended World War II. Germany had surrendered, leaving only Japan fighting. Six days after the second bomb was dropped, Japan expressed its intent to surrender. But it’s understandable why a movie about the father of the atomic bomb might not go down well.

So, the answer to whether Oppenheimer is banned in Japan is no, but don’t count on it getting a cinematic release in that country.

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