It Must Be The End Of The World…

Doctor Cyborg Online Strip Returns!

ORANGE, CA — 23 December, 2003 —

You asked for it, but “they” didn’t want it to happen.

Who is “they,” you ask?

Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? And Doctor Cyborg is just the guy to find out! The long-running internet daily comic strip adventures in the worlds of conspiracy, counter-conspiracy and just plain paranoia kicks back into high gear with its re-launch January 5, 2004 at

Written and created by Allan Gross (Tarzan) and illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming (Powers), the story revolves around Malcolm Syberg, a self-proclaimed inventor, being released from a mental institute. Is he a recovering amnesiac or a misplaced hero of the Cold War, a self made Cyborg with powers he doesn’t even know he has?

As Syberg searches for the answers he faces a host of challenges, which in his mind are all connected by a vast conspiracy. Can he trust the beautiful Gem McKenna, who has been assigned as his home nurse? What about the egotistical Doctor Killdeer who has turned his case into prestigious awards? Could it be that the men on the nearby golf course are really the ones who control the world? Syberg’s search for answers becomes a search for his own humanity as he faces threats ranging from an Invisible Boy, a fanatical futuristic society in a Time Tower, a Monster Messiah and a strange Scar Man who seems to know everything about his past.

When the conspiracy theory thriller returns to the Internet on a daily basis, it will be a preview of the impending Doctor Cyborg graphic novel this summer from Image Comics. The previous incarnation of Doctor Cyborg ran on web sites around the world through Steve Conley’s “Tooncasting” technology, and the new strip will be available in the same manner. Information on how to add the strip to any site appears on along with the strip itself.

Since those early days with the good doctor, though, artist Michael Avon Oeming has become one of the most popular and sought-after creators in comics. Creating or co-creating such hit titles as Powers, Hammer of the Gods and Bastard Samurai, Oeming has developed a diehard fan following and says he looks forward to fans seeing the long-awaited complete story.

“It must be the end of the world, because Doctor Cyborg is done!” he laughed.

“Believe it or not, there was a time when Mike Oeming wasn’t the busiest guy in comics!” said Allan Gross. “When we started the project almost four years ago, Mike was working as a night watchman and just trying to make ends meet. Since then, his success with numerous projects kept him from completing this story arc. But over the last two years he’s managed to occasionally squeeze out a page or two and finally the project is ready for the world!”

Gross spent two years writing the Tarzan newspaper strip for the United Features Syndicate, and has written for television and other media. He also wrote IS ART: The Art of Insight Studios and Gray Morrow Visionary and is presently working on Tails from the Cryptozoo with Jerry Carr, also from Insight Studios Group., the Insight Studios Group on-line strip site will also be launching the on-line strip version of Harry Roland’s Trying Times on January 1st, 2004. Currently The SunnyFundays is running Mark Wheatley’s Frankenstein Mobster, Marc Hempel’s Naked Brain, Allan Gross and Jerry Carr’s Tails from the Cryptozoo and Steve Conley’s Astounding Space Thrills, all using Conley’s Tooncasting technique that allows the strips to run for free on anyone’s home page.

If you like quality comics and you have a personal home page or you have a business home page that you want to attract more attention — TOONCASTING is for you. You provide the page, Image Comics provides the content. How about free daily comics all year by today’s hottest creators? Start off the year with Allan Gross and Mike Oeming’s Doctor Cyborg. Get your daily dose of Doctor Cyborg every weekday! Here’s how:

We provide the HTML code (below) and you place it in your home page. Then every day, a new strip is broadcast from our server directly to your home page. It’s like the newspaper coming to your door every day, except you don’t have to go out in the cold to get it. Start today with Doctor Cyborg and then add more strips as you desire and they become available until you have your own personalized comics page on your computer.

Tooncasting is simple. It’s completely free. It’s easy to install. Set it up now and follow the countdown to the launch of Doctor Cyborg on January 5th, 2004. Just follow these instructions:

    [li]COPY the entire html code below.
    [li]PASTE it into your home page like any other image reference.
    [li]The strip will appear automatically. It will update every weekday. (Weekdays repeat the Friday strip)
    [li]And don’t worry if you miss a strip, you can always check the archive!
    [li]For help or if you have questions, mail [email protected]
    [li]CUT all of the code below here and paste it into your web page:
[title>Untitled Document</title>
[Meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″>
[body bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”>
[p>Al’s Test Page[/p][hr>
[MAP NAME=”dc_daily_0527100Map1″>
[AREA SHAPE=”rect” COORDS=”3,1,503,190″ HREF=”” TARGET=”_parent”>
[AREA SHAPE=”rect” COORDS=”428,196,500,213″ HREF=”mailto:[email protected]”>
[AREA SHAPE=”rect” COORDS=”287,196,410,213″ HREF=”javascript:var‘’,’,’scrollbars=yes,height=620,width=620,status=no,toolbar=no,location=no,resizable=yes’,replace=true);”>
[AREA SHAPE=”rect” COORDS=”127,197,216,212″ HREF=”javascript:var‘’,’,’scrollbars=yes,height=620,width=620,status=no,toolbar=no,location=no,resizable=yes’,replace=true);”>
[AREA SHAPE=”rect” COORDS=”5,196,112,214″ HREF=”javascript:var‘’,’,’scrollbars=yes,height=620,width=620,status=no,toolbar=no,location=no,resizable=yes’,replace=true);”>
[IMG SRC=”” WIDTH=”504″ HEIGHT=”213″ ALT=”Doctor Cyborg – – copyright Allan Gross, Mike Oeming and Mark Wheatley. TM Mark Wheatley, All Rights Reserved” BORDER=”0″ USEMAP=”#dc_daily_0527100Map1″ ISMAP NATURALSIZEFLAG=”0″ ALIGN=”BOTTOM”>

** Note: replace the ‘[‘ with ‘<‘ after you copy the code.

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