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It’s Your Game


To the editor – I think I found Escapist because of Penny Arcade. Needless to say, I have enjoyed every issue and Casual Friday so far. It’s been intelligent and thoughtful reading, and has actually filled a gap in my gaming reading that Next Generation (RIP) used to occupy.

I cannot even hope to tell you how great that is.

-Sam T.

To the editor – I just found your magazine through Instapundit, and I am suitably impressed!

I’ll be back; keep up the good work!

-Ron Fisher

To the editor – I never, ever write letters to the editor. This is the first time I’ve ever responded to any article – let that just show how much I enjoyed this issue of the escapist. The articles were well written, but the “Horse of a Different Color” got a tad boring, but whatever, a good read none the less.

What I’m really writing about is the article entitled “The Left Behind” I couldn’t help feeling a bit of sadness while reading that article, mainly because it was spot-on. I am, as the author puts it, a “gaming hobo” and the article brought back great memories of happy fragging. I thoroughly enjoyed the article, and the tone was well suited and really added to point the article wanted to get across. The game that I called home was, Half Life 1.5, say what you will about the multiplayer, the map “killbox” was as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen.

Just thought I’d thank you guys for putting out another great issue and share a bit of my experiences. Great work, and that article was the best thing I’ve read in a long, long while. Keep it up!

over and out.


To the editor – “The Left Behind” article has done much for me to put perspective on ‘mainstream’ thinking. It is these types of articles which I enjoy reading and expect from a magazine that has demonstrated the ability to engage in meaningful discussion.

Though only three editions have been published so far, the quality found in the first edition seems to have fallen by the wayside in favor of news-type articles. I feel this means there is too much reporting and not enough writing. Such news can be found easily on the internet, but it is the thoughts of your writers which I am more concerned about. I would hate to see The Escapist become “just another” magazine.

-William Leung

To the editor – Kudos to you and your staff for producing such a fine magazine! This magazine is exactly what gamers need at this time. It’s good to see something about gamers, rather than about games, about gamer culture, rather than game reviews, and about the future of the hobby/lifestyle (depending on if you are a ‘casual’ or ‘hardcore’) rather than release dates. It is about time someone realized that there is more to gaming than games!

I am not knocking games, I love them, I really do, but there is a whole culture that has been overlooked that games are only a part of (the base, but still, just a part). Music, movie, and art lovers have long since had magazines that were about more than reviews and releases. It’s about time gaming did! You also could not have chosen a better time to begin than now! This is a great way to let those who are unaware of our culture (I’m looking at you, Assemblyman Lee, Senator Clinton, and especially you, Jack Thompson) and think that we consist of nothing more than bratty, obnoxious 12-year-old boys. This is an excellent way to show them that we are informed, intelligent people with more than just GTA and 187: Ride or Die on our minds.

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to your continued success!

-Aaron Hedlund

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