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Jagged Alliance 3 Is a Long-Awaited Strategy Game from the Surviving Mars Dev

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As revealed during today’s THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase, Surviving Mars and Tropico series developer Haemimont Games is creating Jagged Alliance 3, a new surprise entry in the tactical RPG series from the ‘90s that’s coming to PC. Many of the details surrounding this early-in-development title are being kept under wraps for now, but today’s cinematic announcement trailer at least sets the stage for the return of the strategy series. You can see the Jagged Alliance 3 trailer below.

THQ Nordic shared more behind-the-scenes details during a recent press event ahead of today’s THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Digital Showcase. Perhaps the most important detail we learned involves Haemimont, as the publisher says that the studio’s design team was actually first to bring up the idea of another Jagged Alliance title, saying it would be a dream game to make. THQ Nordic eventually steered the studio into making a full-fledged numbered entry for the series. Though they were nervous at first, the Haemimont crew eventually went all-in on what has become Jagged Alliance 3.

In Jagged Alliance 3, players and their group of mercenaries are welcomed to Grand Chien, a nation rich with resources and overrun by a lethal paramilitary force known as the Legion. You’ll be tasked with leading your group against the Legion by using tactical turn-based combat to gain the upper hand in different territories. You can kit out your fan-favorite crew by looting and customizing weapons, but Haemimont and THQ Nordic also promise RPG systems that introduce special perks that will feel familiar to long-time fans.

Jagged Alliance 3 is laser-focused on giving players freedom, both in terms of progression and moment-to-moment gameplay. For example, one feature in the game’s current iteration sees players picking up sidequests in a notebook. Haemimont says that this notebook helps keep quests organized, explaining it as a more natural and less overbearing way to tackle missions throughout Grand Chien. Speaking of Jagged Alliance 3’s war-torn land, it sounds like there will be a bevy of environments to work through, each of which will be impacted by a day/night cycle and dynamic weather systems.

With impactful side missions and a fully realized world, the idea is to make players feel like they can truly impact Grand Chien and the people who inhabit it. Part of this means giving players an open style of storytelling that sees the world responding to actions you take. Another addition promised for those excited by Jagged Alliance 3’s gameplay potential is a multiplayer mode that allows you to enjoy the isometric gameplay with a friend thanks to drop-in/drop-out co-op.

For a better look at Jagged Alliance 3 before it comes to PC, you can check out the screenshots below. In other news, THQ Nordic has revealed that it is reviving more than just the Jagged Alliance series, as the publisher also announced that Appeal Studios is in the middle of developing Outcast 2 – A New Beginning, a sequel to 1999’s action-adventure game, Outcast.

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